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PMS-integrationslicens för VoIP-tjänst (VoIP IP-PBX och PMS-integrationsgateway behövs)

PMS-integrationslicens för VoIP-tjänst (VoIP IP-PBX och PMS-integrationsgateway behövs)

Management module for NO/NC alarm systems - Arantia TV integration with alarm systems

Management module for NO/NC alarm systems - Arantia TV integration with alarm systems

PMS integration license (Middleware or ArantiaCast server needed)

This PMS* (Property Management System) license integration for Arantia TV or ArantiaCast service allows sharing guest information and helps improve the user experience.

(*) Consult the current list of PMS systems integrated.
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  • Client check-in: When a new client registers on the PMS, the PMS sends Arantia TV the associated guest data, such as name or language.
  • Moving guest (room change): When a guest changes rooms, the PMS sends Arantia TV the register required to move all the guest information from the previous room to the new one.
  • Guest change (guest's information modification: name, language...): If any piece of the guest's information changes, the PMS updates Arantia TV with the changes.
  • Easy publishing (client buys a service): When a guest buys a service using Arantia TV, the system sends the data associated with the operation to the PMS for the information to be included in the guest's bill.
  • Bill request (the guest requests a bill that is displayed on the television screen): the guest select "Expenses" on Arantia TV to check his/her bill. Arantia TV sends the PMS the associated register, to request the guest's expenses for that room; the PMS sends the expense information back to Arantia TV to be displayed on the screen.
  • Text messages: The reception staff sends the final user a message via the PMS system interface. The PMS sends the message data to the Arantia TV system so the user can be informed. The user will be able to access the message at any time from the "Messages" menu.
  • Checkout: When a client leaves the hotel, the PMS sends Arantia TV the payment register and all the information associated to that guest is removed from the system.
  • Express checkout: The guest has the option to check out from its own room via the "Express checkout" menu. In this case, Arantia TV sends the PMS a request, which answers back whether the guest can do an express checkout or not (if there are any pending charges, for instance). The answer will display on the screen on whether the checkout was actually carried out or the guest still needs to visit the reception desk.
  • The integration with the PMS also includes other needed features, such as database synchronization.
  • Compatible with ArantiaCast professional casting system.
  • Compatible with Arantia TV service.


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