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PMS integration license (Middleware or ArantiaCast server needed)

PMS integration license (Middleware or ArantiaCast server needed)

Management module for NO/NC alarm systems - Arantia TV integration with alarm systems

It allows the integration of the building alarm system with Arantia TV through the management of the Alarm Monitor Devices and the information of the rooms assigned to each one of the devices. It also admits the customization of the general alarm message to be displayed on the end user televisions in case of alarm activation.
Ref. 830506
EAN13: 8424450176818
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Står Ut För
  • Management of the Alarm Monitor Devices from the Arantia TV management tool
  • Configuration of the rooms associated to each Alarm Monitor device in which the corresponding message will be displayed
  • Creation and customization of the alarm information templates and controls associated to each Monitor Alarm device and available depending on the player used (for example: turning on the TV associated to the STB, if it is possible, or locking the remote control while the alarm message is being displayed on the STB)


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