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PMS integration gateway - License per room

PMS integration gateway - License per room

PMS integration gateway (Software and server included)

Service that includes an interface and a server device for its correct performance. It allows the integration of the IPTV system with the most used PMS* systems in the Hospitality market to share information and help improve the user experience.
This solution integrates the principal hotel chains' PMS systems, in addition to many independent PMS systems.
(*) Consult the current list of PMS systems integrated.
Ref. 830508
EAN13: 8424450206492
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  • Client check-in: When a new client registers on the PMS, the PMS sends Arantia TV the associated guest data, such as name or language.
  • Moving guest (room change): When a guest changes rooms, the PMS sends Arantia TV the register required to move all the guest information from the previous room to the new one.
  • Guest change (guest's information modification: name, language...): If any piece of the guest's information changes, the PMS updates Arantia TV with the changes.
  • Checkout: When a client leaves the hotel, the PMS sends Arantia TV the payment register and all the information associated to that guest is removed from the system.
  • Integration in the IPTV system of the guest data from the PMS system.
  • Database synchronization between PMS and IPTV system.
  • It includes the software and the server equipment necessary for its proper integration.

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