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ArantiaCast Chromecast Device

Device installed at the guest room in charge of playing content and managing the app that the user wants to display on the television to which the device is connected.
Once an app is initiated on the smartphone, it can be sent to Chromecast, which will take care of its execution from then on, freeing the mobile device and allowing it to receive calls or execute other applications
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EAN13: 8424450192009
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  • The system allows the advanced remote monitoring of the installed devices
  • The Chromecast installation on the television sets is carried out in an unobtrusive and safe way
  • Streaming will only be allowed on the television set of the guest's own room
  • Disconnection from the system takes place on checkout

  • Content streaming on the hotel's television set, just like home
  • No login, password or personal information from the guest required
  • Compatible with any television set equipped with an HDMI connector
  • Over 2,000 applications available for Casting (Net ix, HBO, Youtube, etc.)
  • Multiple mobile devices can be connected to the same room's Chromecast