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Televes will strengthen its leadership with an ambitious pledge for commitment to innovation and technological development

  • It has set in motion the NP100 Project, which will lead to the launch of 100 new products within a period of 18 months.
  • Televes will bring to bear its capacity for technological development, its powerful industrial infrastructure and its financial muscle to promote its business in 2011.
  • The updating of the catalogue of products will cover all the necessary equipment for professional installers.
  • NP100 will mobilise an investment of around 10 million Euros and will allow Televes to grow in times of market stagnation, to promote the internationalisation process, contribute value to the distribution chain and involve all staff in a project that will be a real challenge for the organisation.

Santiago de Compostela, 1st February 2011. Making innovation and technological development the main driving forces in its growth is the challenge set by Televes for 2011. For this purpose, the company will set an ambitious project in motion for the updating of its catalogue, with the launch of one hundred new products within a period of 18 months.

With this initiative, which has been christened NP100, Televes wants to enhance three factors which differentiate it from its competitors and give it a substantial advantage when tackling such a complex macroeconomic context as the current one, namely: Providing the most powerful R&D&I structure in the sector, with over 60 engineers; owning the most complete, modern and capable manufacturing facilities, and having solid financial backing.

The NP100 Project will mobilise an investment of around 10 millions Euros and will enable the launch of one hundred new products over the next 18 months. The result will be great progress in the updating of the company’s catalogue of products, with an even closer focus on the reduction of consumption and energy efficiency. The global offer of products will be extended and updated to offer professional installers all the necessary tools to carry out their work.

This plan, which requires a rate of over five product launches per month, will represent a huge challenge for Televes’ R&D&I structure, as well as for the Commercial Departments and the Logistics and Industrial Organisation services, given that the company carries out the full process of design, development, manufacture and after-sales of products with own resources, a philosophy which is summarised in the European Technology Made in Europe label which distinguishes Televes’ products.

The objectives of the NP100 Project are to encourage the company’s growth; gain market share, by reasserting the Televes trademark as the true reference in the sector; contributing value to the distribution chain; supporting the installer; anticipating the future technical demands, and motivating the company’s entire team, by involving it in an ambitious project in which the company’s leadership is displayed.

NP100 is also in line with the company’s international expansion policy, which has set as a mid-term objective to raise the weight of international sales to 50% over total turnover, by pledging a very strong commitment towards the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, particularly Germany and Poland.

A Leap Forward

Sergio Martín, Head of Communication of Televes Corporation has indicated: “We want to tackle these difficult times which affect all economic sectors, in general, but the construction sector, in particular, ―a sector with very direct links to Televes’ activity―, by taking a leap forward. Launching one hundred new products in 18 months will allow us to consolidate our leadership in the Spanish market and to improve our position in the international markets, contributing new arguments to our distribution channel in times of market stagnation. We can do it because we know technology well, we have the right workforce and the industrial means for this purpose. Furthermore, the Corporation’s financial solidity allows us to tackle the necessary investment in infrastructures to develop the project. With NP100 we will demonstrate why Televes is the leader and consolidate that leadership”.

In the design and setting in motion of the NP100 Project, Televes will bring to bear its extensive experience in situations of both expansion and market contraction. It is also backed by the resounding success of the important product launches carried out in the last two years, among which we can highlight the DAT HD BOSS antenna, the H45 portable field meter, the T0X distribution headends and the DTKom and MiniKom amplifiers, among others.