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Pedro Córdoba, winner of the contest 1,000 antennas 1,000 solutions: The DAT HD BOSS offers a great advantage to the installer”

The French installer Guillaume Francois and the Italian Andrea Gasparini received second and third prize, respectively, at the international event organised by Televes to reward the best solutions to incidences related to digital terrestrial television reception.  Santiago de Compostela, 2nd June 2010. Manuel MartĂ­nez, Televes’ Sales General Manager, has presented Pedro CĂłrdoba Osta, of A.I.T. Marbella, the prize as the overall winner of the international contest 1,000 antennas, 1,000 solutions. This contest was organised by the company to reward the best solutions to incidences in digital terrestrial television (DTT) reception. The award ceremony and the presentation of the prize, an H45 Advance portable field strength meter (valued at over 4,000 euros) were held at Televesâ[...]
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The television of the future tour returns to Portugal with leading-edge solutions for professionals

Second stage of HDTV Tour in the country to visit 17 cities. Televes’ initiative to bring keys of digital and high definition television to technicians and distributors from all over Europe now celebrating first anniversary. The HDTV Tour has travelled over 30,000 kilometres and welcomed over 3,000 visitors in over a hundred cities in five countries. Santiago de Compostela, 31st May 2010. After over a year’s touring, travelling over 30,000 km, visiting more than a hundred cities and receiving over 3,000 visitors in five different countries, the Televes HDTV Tour is back in Portugal. The second stage in the country started on 21 May in Viana do Castelo and comes to an end on 7 July in Guarda. It will stop in 15 other cities, thus making a complete tour of Portugal. This ti[...]
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Televés invests in innovative SIPLACE line

EMS Now[...]
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RamĂłn Bescansa pointed out that TELEVES demonstrates that it is possible to compete in the international markets manufacturing and creating wealth in Spain

Santiago de Compostela, 23rd April 2009. Ramón Bescansa, chairman of TELEVES, pointed out that one of the key factors of the close relationship with the University is “their reality is based in the promotion of the knowledge, and the University is a synonym of it”. Bescansa delivered these words in a brief speech of gratitude after receiving the Fulget prize from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Santiago de Compostela. This is in recognition of the company’s collaboration with the University to improve relations between the academic and the professional world. The chairman of TELEVES also showed that one of the core beliefs of the company, inspired in its founders, is “the passion of doing things well”. “Televes has passion for producing”, Bescansa added. [...]
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