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ASuite Software Programming Avant amplifiers

ASuite is the best tool to program the Avant amplifiers in an easy and intuitive way.
In only three steps, you will achieve a quick and easy installation:

  1. Program filters and adjust levels
  2. Fine tune for a greater precision
  3. Channel monitoring

Available free of charge for Android mobile devices and PC/Mac.
More information:
Ref. 100002
Product Sheet
EAN13: 8424450212745
  • User friendly interface: Set up all the parameters in a single screen
  • Product model auto detection: By connecting the Avant to an Android device, the Asuite detects the product model connected and displays the current configuration
  • Channel quality monitoring: Analyse the programmed channels on a single screen
  • PDF report generation: Export a report with the programmed configuration
  • Personalised library of installations: Design typical filter configurations that you can save and retrieve at any time
  • Reduce installation time: Program in advance and create a file with the configuration of the amplifier with no need of being connected to it. During the installation, you will just have to load it ito the amplifier and adjust it

Main features
  • Local connection to the amplifier via OTG cable
  • Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish and Russian
  • Compatible with Avant 6, 9 and X

More Information
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tlv_ean 8424450212745

Mounting details

It works with a physical connection between the mobile device or PC/Mac and the Avant.
In this mode, it is possible to accomplish a complete installation. Follow the next steps to connect:

With a mobile device:
  1. Connect the USB-C (OTG) – MicroUSB cable from your tablet or smartphone to your amplifier
  2. Connect an USB – MicroUSB cable from the OTG cable to the amplifier
  3. The Asuite autoruns and automatically detects the reference of the connected Avant.

With a PC/Mac:
  1. Connect the USB-C (OTG) – MicroUSB cable from your PC/Mac to your amplifier
  2. Run the Asuite. It automatically detects the model of the Avant connected