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Domestic MATV optical micro-receiver equipped with OLC technology

Domestic MATV optical micro-receiver equipped with OLC technology

Domestic SMATV optical micro-receiver

1200...1600 nm

Domestic optical micro-receiver; receives one optical signal in the 1200 nm-1600 nm range and restores it on one RF output (47 MHz-2400MHz) with amplification.
Perfect for FTTH applications.
Ref. 2311
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EAN13: 8424450144930
  • Plug & Play: self-regulating
  • Low-impact visual design and limited size
  • Self-controlled output level with an outstanding C/N
  • Wide reception optical range
  • Integrated high-performance switched-mode power supply: Low power consumption

Main features
  • Provides optical input power information thanks to a LED indicator scale
  • SC/APC optical connectors, and F-type connectors for RF
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws

RF output
RF connectros type F
Bandwidth MHz 47- 2400
Impedance Ohm 75
Return losses dB >= 11
Gain dB autoregul.
Flatness dB ± 1,5
Typical level of self-regulated RF
output for 41 TV channels
dBμV 84
Optical input
Wavelength nm 1200-1600
Detection bandwidth MHz 1 - 3000
Max. optical power received dBm 2
Min. optical power received dBm -10
Optical return losses dB < -40
Optical input connector type SC/APC
Optical device type InGaAs pin photodiode
Mains voltage V~ 196-264
Max. current mA 30
Max. power W 3
Operating temperature



-5 ... +45

+23 ... +113

Protection index IP20

In some cases, the transmodulation of specific satellite channels into COFDM will probably not be enough; this is why the option is available to add the IF of a satellite polarity to the COFDM signal flow. Furthermore, that signal flow may be transmitted over optical fibre by means of an appropriate low-loss optical transmitter, thus allowing to reach longer distances.

How can I add an IF signal to a DTT-only T.0X processing headend and transmit it through an optical fibre to distant spots?

1. T.0X processing headends (DVB/S2-COFDM and DVB-T/COFDM transmodulators, encoders/modulators, amplifier, etc.).

2. MiniKom amplifier ref. 5363 (Art. No. EV45).

3. SMATV optical transmitter ref. 238201 (Art. No. OMS1310).

4. SMATV optical receiver ref. 2311 (Art. No. OE1216)