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FiberKom mini-optical node equipped with Return Path transmitter and OLC technology (1 fiber)

FiberKom mini-optical node equipped with Return Path transmitter and OLC technology (1 fiber)

FiberKom mini-optical node equipped with Return Path transmitter and OLC technology (1 fiber)

1550 nm, Return: 1610 nm, Po 3 dBm

Mini-optical node to act as a bridge between coaxial technology and optical networks. Transforms the optical signal (1550 nm) on the main network into a coaxial signal (105 MHz-1220 MHz) that travels to the user's modem.
It also transforms the coaxial modem's signal (5 MHz-85 MHz) into an optical signal for the operator's headend, thanks to the the Return Path transmitter on the 1610 nm window with 3 dBm optical power.
Uses a single fiber for both the forward and the Return Paths.
Perfect for installations where the DOCSIS protocol is used for the bidirectional distribution of data, and the DVB-C standard is used for television signals.
Equipped with OLC technology.
Perfect for RF Overlay, FTTB, and FTTH applications.
Ref. 238005
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EAN13: 8424450177907
  • The OLC (Optical Level Control) technology automatically adjusts the parameters to achieve a constant output level, irrespective of the channel load
  • Equipped with attenuation controls
  • High output voltage (RF amplification) and enhanced C/N
  • Very low power consumption

Main features
  • DOCSIS compatible
  • Two operation modes:

    1. CW (Continuous Wave) in which the laser transmits continuously; useful in applications where the Return Path is attenuated (FTTB).

    2. RFoG (RF over Glass) where the laser only transmits when there are packets to be transmitted; it is therefore recommended for installations with minimal attenuation on the Return Path (FTTH).

  • SC/APC optical connectors, and F-type connectors for RF
  • Either local or remote powering via the output F connector

Forward path
Frequency range MHz 105 ... 1220
Output impedance Ohm 75
Optical input level for OLC dBm -8 ... +1dBm
Flatness dB ± 1
Number of outputs no. 1
Typical output level in OLC range dBμV 93
CNR dB >52
CSO dB >60
CTB dB >60
Equivalent noise current density at input pA/ Hz < 6
Forward path attenuator dB 6/12 select.
Pre-emphasis dB 3
Wavelength nm 1540 ... 1560
Optical return loss dB >40
Optical connector type SC/APC
Max. optical input power before damage dBm 2
Optical device type InGaAs pin photodiode
Return path
Frequency range (selectable) MHz 5 ... 85
Input impedance Ohm 75
Optical output level dBm 3
Flatness dB ± 1
RF input level dBμV 70...100
Return path attenuator dB 0/10/20 select.
Wavelength nm 1610 ±10
Optical connector type SC/APC
Laser type type DFB (Class1M)
turn-on/off time
μs 1
Local mains voltage V~/mA 99 / 75 ... 253 / 40
Max. mains power W 4
Power voltage through
RF connector
Vdc/mA 11 / 270 .... 24/ 140
Test point dB -30 ±1
RF connectors type F
Housing material Zamak/ABS
Operating temperature ºC -5 .... +45
Index operation IP 30
EMC compatibility EN 50083-2
Safety EN 60825-1_2007