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Surface plate, Zinc + RCP

Surface plate, Zinc + RCP

Guy wire ring

Guy wire ring

6 mm-diameter steel cable (Ø 6 mm)


6 mm-diameter (Ø 6 mm) galvanized steel cable made of 7 wires, each with a diameter of 2 mm (Ø 2 mm).
They allow the fixing of mechanical fixtures such as towers and masts, usually by means of guy wires.
Supplied in 200 m rolls.

Ref. 306001
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EAN13: 8424450168530
Main features
  • Breaking strain above 3000 Kp (29,500 N)

No. It will depend on the height you wish to reach. When the tower does not include guy wires, you need to install a fixed base, starting with the middle section as the first one. If the tower includes guy wires you need to install a pivoting base, and the first section should be a lower section.