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MR (Medium Rejection) LTE/5G filter, with DC pass

MR (Medium Rejection) LTE/5G filter, with DC pass

HR (High Rejection) LTE/5G filter

47...694 MHz (Ch.48), “F” connector

LTE/5G filters with high rejection against interference from channel 48 up. The built-in female “F” connector can be used to plug the filter straight into the equipment to be protected from interference.
Ref. 403220
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EAN13: 8424450209141
  • Plug-in format with integrated connector that adapts to any equipment
  • Low insertion losses to avoid any impacts on the distributed signals

Main features
  • Indoor installation
  • Compact and light-weight size

Rejected bandMHz 733 ... 862
Rejected band attenuationdB > 25
Pass bandMHz 47 ... 694
Pass band attenuationdB1
Number of inputs1
Number of outputs1
Operating temperature°C -5 ... 45
Protection index20