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Twin processor

Frequency shifting for any modulation

The module processes 2 input channels, either analogue or digital, irrespective of the service type, to work either as a channel converter (using different input and output channels) or as an amplifier (using the same input and output channel).
Ref. 564901
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EAN13: 8424450149607
  • SAW (Surface Acoustic Wave) filtering. Provides a high selectivity, avoiding adjacent channel interference.
  • Adjustable slope to balance signal inside the bandwidth.
  • Can be remotely controlled using CDC (Headend control)

Main features
  • In converter mode, it allows the assignment of an output channel different from the input channel (Twin).
  • In amplifier mode, it allows the equalization and filtering of a Digital Multiplex to adapt it to the levels of the other signals.

RF Frequency range MHz 47...862
Frequency steps KHz 125 (digital), 166 (digital), 250 (analogue)
Locking margin ± 500
Input loop-through gain dB 0 ± 3
Input level dB 50 a 80
Filter bandwidth MHz 8
Input line powering for preamps Vdc 0, 12, 24
Input return losses dB > 10
Impedance Ω 75
RF Frequency range MHz 47...862
Frequency steps KHz 125 (digital), 166 (digital), 250 (analogue)
Output level (max. typ.) dBμV 85 ± 5
Regulation margin dB > 15
Spurious level dBc > 60
END (Equivalent Noise Degradation) dB < 2
Output loop-throuhg losses ≤ 1,5
Output return losses > 12
Impedance Ω 75
GENERAL Powering voltage Vdc 24
Consumption mA 400 (0 Preamp.), 450 (1 Preamp.)
Protection index
IP 20

Block diagram