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ONU Basic module 1x GbE Ethernet

ONU Basic module 1x GbE Ethernet

ONU SFP Adapter 1000 Base-X (SC/APC)

SFP (Smart Form-Factor Pluggable) module 1000 Base-X with SC/APC connector. It is intended to be connected to the network device to extend the GPON deployment in existing access network for the subscribers.
This device makes it possible to adapt to customers’ specific requirements in an efficient and unobtrusive way.
It uses 1310 & 1490 nm wavelength.
Ref. 769520
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EAN13: 8424450228517
  • Designed to be integrated into a fiber optic network with GPON protocol
  • Energy-efficient thanks to its low power consumption
  • Compatible with switches that incorporate PoE technology, allowing them to be integrated in a GPON network while providing power to multiple devices
  • Small Form Pluggable (SFP) module
  • SC/APC connector
  • Layer 2 switching functionalities
  • VLAN tag management, classification and filtering
  • ITU-T G.984 GPON compliant
  • GEM Port multicast support


What is a SFP?

The Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) devices are adapters that generate an interface to allow access to an Ethernet signal through Optical Fiber. These devices can be connected to the inputs of different Ethernet and GPON equipment, allowing the transmission/reception of the information by connecting to sigle-mode or multi-mode fiber or Ethernet cables.
Among the advantages of using SFP modules, we can highlight the reduction of space, lower energy consumption, or the increase of transmission distances.

Which SFP do I need?

Based on the devices to which they are connected, the transmission speed, or the type of cable used, several options are available in the whole range of media converters. The compatibility between the SPFs and the different Ethernet and GPON equipment is described below.

 Reference 769520 769210 769212 769214769410 769411 769412 769413 769414 769150
ONU SFP Adapter
1000 Base-X (SC/APC)
Ethernet – SFP Adapter
1Gb, 2 fibers (LC/UPC) SM
Kit: 2 Ethernet – SFP Adapters
1Gb, 1 fiber (LC/UPC) SM
Ethernet – SFP+ Adapter
10Gb, 2 fiber (LC/UPC)
SFP Adapter
GPON B+, 1 fiber (SC/PC)
SFP Adapter
1Gb, RJ45 connector
Ethernet – SFP+ Adapter
10Gb, 2 fiber (LC/UPC)
SFP Adapter
GPON C+, 1 Fiber (SC/PC)
SFP Adapter
GPON C+, 1 Fiber (SC/PC)
Ethernet – SFP Adapter
1Gb, 2 fibers (LC/PC) MM
Compatible with Ethernet Switches:
 OK  OK  OK  OK*  -  -  OK*  -  -  OK
Compatible with Industrial Switches:
 OK  OK  OK  -  -  -  -  -  -  OK
Compatible with Routers:
 -  OK  OK  -  -  -  -  -  -  -
Compatible with GPON OLT modules:
 -  -  OK  OK**  OK  OK  OK  OK  OK**  OK**
Compatible with Media Converters:
 -  OK  OK  -  -  - - - - OK

* Compatible with Ethernet switches with SFP+ ports: 769145, 769146, 769148, 769149 or 769152.

** Compatible with OLT512EVO: 769403.

Transceiver typeSFP
Fiber typeSingle-Mode
Transmitter typeDFB
Transmitter wavelengthnm1310
Transmitter output powerdBm 0.5 ... 5
Receiver typeAPD/TIA
Receiver wavelengthnm1490
Optical receiver sensitivitydBm-27
Receiver overloaddBm-8
Forwarding rateGb/s1.244
Max. power consumptionW2
Operating temperature°C -40 ... 85