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SATmix series mast amplifier kit and F power supply

Ref. 535401 + Ref. 5501

The kit consists of:

Ref. 535401: SATmix series mast amplifier (4 outputs), 2 inputs: UHF/VHFmix-SATmix     
Masthead amplifier for the amplification and mixing of terrestrial and satellite television signals coming from several antennas. Equipped with 2 inputs with UHF-band amplification, as well as VHF and SAT combination. The resulting signal is available on 4 identical outputs for further distribution. Allows DC pass towards the satellite input to power the LNB. The amplifier is powered through one of the output coaxial cables in the 12 VDC-to-24 VDC range.

Ref. 5501: PicoKom power supply (for SATmix) 12 V - 220 mA, 1 output
12 V-power supply (220 mA) that powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal. Included in the installation to power either mast amplifiers or a BOSS system. Compatible with satellite mixing amplifiers (SATmix), since the equipment detects the presence of an LNB management signal on the output (voltage and tone) generated by a receiver, allowing it to reach the input.

Ref. 8048
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EAN13: 8424450115558
  • Up to 4 outputs
  • EasyF connection system
  • Fully automated manufacturing, subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • DC pass towards the UHF input to power a BOSS system, and towards the SAT input to power the LNB
  • Easy mounting. Equipped with a plastic tie for mast mounting
  • Resistant ABS-plastic case for outdoor installation