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Arantia TV Middleware Lite

Arantia TV Middleware Lite

Arantia TV middleware

Interactive and IPTV

The server is in charge of the distribution of interactive services to the IPTV devices through a powerful and intuitive interface, fully customizable to meet each customer requirements.
By means of this web-based middleware, the final user will gain access to the configured services: IP television service with channel list that can be customized per user or group of users, electronic program guide, BYOD services (mirroring, casting), messages, general information (weather, sightseeing…), hotel promotional information (special offers, hotel events, hotel services…), booking and shopping, check guest expenses, wake up alarm, etc. through the television.
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  • Based on web technology
  • RAID controller integrated: in case of the failure of one of the hard disk drives, the RAID mirroring function guarantees that the system continues to function
  • Powerful backend with a complete management tool that allows to configure all the system settings and options (rooms, players, services, customized main menu, etc.)
  • Middleware frontend compatible with the most popular end user devices (TV’s and STB’s) deployed in Hospitality IPTV projects. It includes an application for iOS and Android smartphones and gives access to the interactive servicios that have been configured through the management tool
  • Available services:
    • Integration with PMS
    • Welcome message
    • Television
    • Electronic program guide
    • Weather forecast
    • Mirroring
    • Casting
    • STB / TV Apps
    • Messages
    • Information services (Hotel information, turism, local attractions, etc.)
    • Booking & Shopping
    • Check guest expenses
    • Wake up alarm
    • Express checkout
    • Multiple languages supported

Welcome message

Welcome message will be shown the first time that the client enters to the bedroom. The guest information, language or channels reorganization by nationality will be automatically adjust according to the information supplied on Hotel PMS and provided that, an integration between both systems exist.
It is possible to define a message, the company (executive director + name for example), the desired image or logo, the song which will sound while the welcome screen is visible either a corporate video.

Main menu

System main menu shows the multiple functionalities activated by the system administrator, allowing a total management of each items in layout, size, colour or functionality.

Weather service

Weather service (widget) shows weather conditions information with 3 days of forecast for the city that has been selected at the Back Office tool.
This widget can be included at any point on screen, according to the main menu design grid available.


To offer a control interface and total customization, ArantiaTV main menu is based on a virtual grid of 4x8 sectors.
Each item created (box+icon+text) can be resize according to the establishment priorities, as well as formatted in text, colour and iconography.

Television & Radio

IPTV services allows distribution of TV and Radio channels from DTT, satellite, cable or IP sources, enabling all services provided are incorporated into a single system regardless of the source.
It is possible include thus, A/V signals of multiple origin, as CCTV or ECDIS systems.
Channels list shows:
    Numeric location of channel access (number from 1 to XXX).
    Program name and current broadcast.
    Channel icon.
On the screen right part will be open the channel complete information, showing current broadcast and posterior expanded information (EPG).
Radio channel are integrated into the system as if they were a television service, even allowing the specific package generation.
Pause and playback service is available to the users.

Corporate channel

Television will be converted into personalized information points since the company will be its own contents producer. This is an information channel where advertise events, promote the boat, etc.


This service allows the user to schedule alarm clocks or alerts at a specific time and date, being also possible to indicate the frequency, as well as the content to be displayed (TV or radio channel).
This functionality also will be able to be programmed from the mobile application.
To ensure the correct system operation, it will be necessary to support one of these options:
    STB and TV with TVi (TV control) protocol.
    STB and TV with full CEC functionality and consistent with wake-up
    Compatible TVs with embedded STB.

Information service

Information services allow to display corporate and commercial content including text and image. All this information can be managed through the Back Office tool.

TV applications

Arantia TV system implementation in supported Hospitality TVs with embedded STB allow the user to launch the available applications according to the TV manufacturer repository.
These applications can come preinstalled or be available to download and installation using the TV remote control, thus ensuring an integration, functionality and stability with the TV brand/model to use.
The applications which do not meet the manufacturer requirements or that are not available for installation, emission or reproduction according to content rights policies will not be installed.
The credentials erasure is executed automatically during the check-out procedure, functionality that can be integrated with the Property Management System. The user will be also able to erase the credential on demand through a specific option included in the user interface.

Instant messaging

The administrator can launch customized messages from the reception to the guests.
This is a flexible way for publish personalized events.