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Live Plus Transcoder/Streamer

Live Plus Transcoder/Streamer

Live Transcoder/Streamer

Televes multiscreen transcoder includes two functions on a single device: transcoding and streaming, enabling to transcode live content and stream it through HLS, UDP or RTP. 
It allows to stream television channels to any device (Smartphones, Tablets, STBs, PCs, Smart TVs...) through any kind of network.
Ref. 832201
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EAN13: 8424450180662
  • It supports different architectures and configuration modes, like a all-in-one configuration where a single equipment will simultaneously behave as a transcoder and a streamer.
  • Equipment reconfiguration. Depending on the requirements of the project, the device can be configured as a transcoder, a streamer or both simultaneously, sharing the resources.
  • Native multi-device player. The web player is optimized to the use the HW decoding resources of each specific device, improving performance and optimizing power consumption.
  • Players consistent with Casting devices. The web players, of the suitable devices, allow to send contents to casting devices like Chromecast or AppleTV.
  • Responsive web tool. All management and configuration of the equipment can be carried out from a web interface that adapts to any device.

Main features
  • Output resolutions up to 1080p.
  • Adaptive streaming. The video quality will dynamically adapt to the network capacity, delivering the highest possible quality at any time.
  • It supports the most popular codecs that are being used currently for video streaming, including HEVC, allowing for an even higher optimization of the network resources. Primarily designed for use on LTE networks.
  • Fully scalable. A tool with multiple node management capacity. New equipment hot-plug capability.

Performance Transcoding Input Output (H.264)
Channels Codec Resolution Profiles Resolutions
4 H.264 1080i@25 3 480p 360p 144p
5 720p@50 3 480p 360p 144p
12 MPEG2 PAL / NTSC 3 480p 360p 144p
Streaming Maximum: 3x 1-Gbps interfaces
Users per interface Total users Output quality Bit rate per user
200 600 480p 3.7 Mbps
250 750 404p 3.1 Mbps
300 900 360p 2.6 Mbps

Hardware Description

Frame Dimensions
437 x 43 x 369mm
4 high-efficiency fans
Network connections 4 GbE ports
Power Supply 350W AC
Energy performance certification
Average power consumption 120V / 0,8 - 1A
230V / 0,4 - 0,6 A