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Headend Controller (CDC)


Device used for the remote control and monitoring of a T.0X Televes headend. The IP-network access methods are implemented using an Ethernet 10/100 Mbps interface, or a 3G internal modem for ref.555911. These devices establish a connection with a Link server located in the Televes premises, which provides direct connection between installer and headend.
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Ref. 5559 Via IP
Ref. 555911 Via IP/3G
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Main features
  • Headend management and control is carried out by a centralized service called “Televes Services”. This portal is located in a Televes Server Centre accessible to the user through authentication
  • Equipped with a RISC Microcomputer and GNU/Linux Operating System, which ensure reliability in interface, protocol and peripheral device management

CPU Processor ARM920T™
Memories Type 8 MB Flash
128M x 8 bit NAND Flash Memory
Interfaces Connectors T.0X powering
Vdc 24
Interface RS-485
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed Host (12 Mbps)
SIM interface
SIM cards reader
RJ45 connector
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
RJ45 connector
Debugging / LCD programmer
GSM Antenna connector
F connector
GSM/GPRS Radio interface
Transmission power
Power peak 2W RF (+33dBm) over 50 Ohm
Power peak 1W RF (+30dBm) over 50 Ohm
Reference Sensitivity GSM-850/900 - 107dBm
DCS-1800/PCS-1900 - 107dBm
Antenna gain
dBi 1,5 ≤ Gain < 3 (reference: λ/2 dipole)
GPRS type
GPRS encoding schemes
CS1, CS2, CS3 and CS4
GPRS max. downlink transmission rate
Kbps 85,6
GPRS max. uplink transmission rate
Kbps 48,8
Packet Broadcast Control Channel
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) max. absolute ≤ 5:1
VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) recommended ≤ 2:1
Input power (peak)
W >2
Antenna impedance
Ohm 50
Bandwidth MHz GSM 850: 70
GSM 900: 80
DCS: 170
PCS: 140
Peripherals Real Time Clock / Alarm
Digital thermometer
Operative System
Linux Kernel 2.6.16
General Powering Vdc 24
Consumption mA 300
Operating temperature
ºC -5 ... +45
Protection index
IP 20

You can configure a headend by connecting the CDC as a LAN host using the Tsuite software and configuring the module communications (Fixed IP or DHCP client).
Yes, provided that the headend has a CDC module and that the module to be configured is actually configurable.

Block diagram