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Embedded Pivoting base

Embedded Pivoting base

Guy wire ring

Guy wire ring

Fixed base for screwing/embedding

180 tower

Fixed base, anchoring system for a free-standing 180 tower.
Using the appropriate ironwork (ref.3029), this base can be embedded.

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Ref. 3038 Zinc + RCP
Ref. 303801 Hot-Dip Galvanizing
Ref. 303802 Zinc + white painted (RAL 9002)
Ref. 303803 Hot-Dip Galvanizing + white painted (RAL 9002)
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  • Anchoring system with union nuts
  • Easy and quick mounting
  • Fully automated soldering
  • 180 tower maximum height: 26.5m (as per calculation conditions)

Main features
  • Fixed, no need for guy wires

Mounting details

Turret base foundation ground plate (Central node) and guy wires foundation ground plates (intermediate/external node).