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Outdoor SMATV optical receiver

Outdoor SMATV optical receiver

Outdoor CATV optical receiver equipped with OLC

1200...1600 nm

Highly configurable optical receiver for cable operators. Receives one optical signal in the 1200 nm-1600 nm range and restores it on up to 2 RF outputs (40 MHz-1006 MHz) with amplification.
Equipped with OLC technology.
The aluminium frame enables outdoor installation (local power supply).
Perfect for RF Overlay, FTTB, and FTTC applications.
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Ref. 231220 EU plug
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  • The OLC (Optical Level Control) technology automatically adjusts the parameters to achieve a constant output level, irrespective of the channel load
  • Equipped with pre-equalization, attenuation, and equalization controls to adapt the output signal to the coaxial network characteristics
  • High output voltage (RF amplification) and enhanced C/N
  • Wide reception optical range
  • Low power consumption

Main features
  • 1 or 2 selectable outputs
  • The test point avoids user service outage during maintenance
  • The F connectors can be replaced with 1/2"-cable adapters (ref.4121)
  • Local powering
  • SC/APC optical connectors, and F-type connectors for RF
  • Outdoor installation (IP65)

Foward Channel
Frequency range MHz 47 ... 1006
Output impedance Ohm 75
Optical input level for OLC dBm -8 ... +1dBm
Flatness dB ± 0.75
Number of outputs
(internally selectable)
no. 1 / 2
Typical output level in OLC range, port 1 dBμV 113
CNR dB >52
CSO dB >60
CTB dB >60
Input attenuattor dB 4/6 select.
Inter stage attenuator dB 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 select.
Output level slope dB 4/9 select.
Wavelength nm 1200 - 1600
Optical return loss dB >40
Optical connector type SC/APC
Max optical input power before damage dBm 6
Optical device type InGaAs pin photodiode
Local Mains voltage V~ 99 ... 253
Remote Mains voltage V~ --
Mains frecuency range Hz 50...60
Max. power consumption with
local or remote mains
W 16.5
Max. current consumption with
local mains
mA 300
Local mains cord type PG-7
Remote mains type ---
Test point, inside dB -30
RF connectors type 5/8
Optical fiber input type PG-13,5
Housing material Aluminium
Operating temperature ºC -5 .... 45
Index operation IP 65