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Intelligent (with BOSSTech) Q-BOSS

Q-BOSS provides the BOSS system (Balanced Output Signal System) in an easy-mount frame on the mast, providing any antenna with the featured intelligence of the DAT series antennas.

  • “Plug & play”: the device adjusts its gain automatically to consistently provide the best output level regardless of the input, thus ensuring the best reception quality
  • Recommended for non LTE-protected antennas: in addition to self-adjusting the gain in DTT, it filters the signal in UHF (selectable cut-off frequency) avoiding cell phone signal interference. LTE ready
  • Easy mount: the installation can be enhanced by providing the antenna with LTE intelligence and protection using one single device, without the need to change the antenna or reach the site
  • Its design is based on next generation micro-components (1×0.5 mm) that allow for the reduction of both the device size and its power consumption


Mast-mount device allowing any antenna to be equipped with the BOSS system included in the intelligent antennas.