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V Zenit MIX antenna


Two antennas in one

The V Zenit MIX antenna combines two antennas in one for a mixed reception. The UHF part consists in a V-type structure, formed by two vertically stacked Yagi in phase, which provides an exceptional relation between gain and compactness. Additionally, a dipole and specific reflectors are added for High-VHF reception.

Ref. 149381
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EAN13: 8424450184455
  • Quick and secure reflector assembly system
  • Robust mechanics with outstanding performance in vibrating situations
  • Compact: excellent ratio between gain and length
  • Flatness of the frequency response in the UHF band

  • Built with aluminium (corrosion resistant ) for a long service life, and in ABS plastic for high weather resistance
  • The mast-mounting  system utilizes Zamak to provide sturdiness and stability in adverse weather conditions
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe, our products undergo the most stringent quality controls
  • The connection box includes a balun for impedance matching

Frequency rangeMHz
174 ... 216470 ... 698
7 ... 1314 ... 51
8.5 15
F/B ratiodB
> 12 > 23
Wind load (@130Km/h)N96
Wind load (@150Km/h)N132