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Convertible to Pigtail patch cord

Convertible to Pigtail patch cord

Pre-terminated optical fiber patch cord

LC/UPC, Single-mode (SM), LSFH indoor

Single-mode (SM) optical-fiber patch cord pre-terminated with LC/UPC connectors for the interconnection of optical equipment. The sheath being LSFH, it is recommended for indoor use.
Supplied in individual packing.
Ref. 232672
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EAN13: 8424450240922
Main features
  • ITU-T G.657A2 fiber type
  • LSFH sheath, orange colour
  • LC/UPC connectors
  • 2m long

Fiber core typeSingle-mode (ITU-T-G.657A2)
Optical fiber type categoryOS1
Fiber core diameterμm9
Fiber cladding diameterμm125
Coating buffer diameterμm250
Cable structureTight buffer
Plastic buffer diameterin0.033
Outer sheath Diameterin0.118
Outer sheath MaterialLSFH
Blocking jellyNo
Attenuation 1310nmdB/km < 0.4
Attenuation 1550nmdB/km < 0.3
Insertion losses in connector 1dB < 0.5
Insertion losses in connector 2dB < 0.5
Return losses in connector 1dB > 50
Return losses in connector 2dB > 50
Optical connector type 1LC
Polishing type (Optical connector 1)UPC
Optical connector type 2LC
Polishing type (Optical connector 2)UPC
Short tensionN450
Long tensionN200
Structure reinforcement elementAramid fibers
Short crush (@100mm)N500
Long crush (@100mm)N100
Minimum bending radiusin0.591
Operating temperature°F -4 ... 158