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DTKom power-doubling line broadband multiband amplifier

DTKom power-doubling line broadband multiband amplifier

DTKom power-doubling line broadband multiband amplifier, controllable

1 input: Return Ch. + MATV

High-power multiband amplifier for CATV operator distribution. Its expanded bandwidth (49 MHz-1002 MHz) offers an user selectable gain of 30/40dB.
Equipped with switchable return channel (5 Mhz-36 MHz), which has a return gain of 28dB when active mode is selected.

The unit can be controlled local or remotely, allowing the technician to test, to modify and to save unit parameters:

  • Via local, with the RJ45 front connector, using the Televes universal programmer Ref. 7234.
  • Via remote, according to B_LAN standards by commands via distribution cable

Ref. 451282
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EAN13: 8424450201879
  • RJ45 front connection for easy access in local mode to parameter modification, using the universal programmer ref. 7234
  • Forward channel up to 1 Ghz
  • Passive or active return channel 5 MHz – 36 Mhz
  • Designed using Power Doubling technology, which guarantees levels in the 69dBmV range for terrestrial signals.
  • Includes a high-performance low-power consumption switch-mode power supply
  • High-screening Zamak chassis. The design facilitates appropriate cooling

Main features
  • Switched configurable gain (high/low), and high output level
  • Equipped with equalizer, pre-equalizer and gain control
  • Intuitive front cover, including adjustments and block diagram
  • Output signal LED indicator

Bands MATV Return Path
Frequency range
MHz 49 ... 1002 5 ... 36
Gain dB 30 / 40
-3 / 28
Flatness dB ±1.5
Gain control range
dB 18
Slope control range
dB 18 -
Regulation control range
dB 10
Tilt control range
dB 10
Noise figure
dB 8 6
Output level
42CH dBmV 52 -
DIN 45004B 69 56
CTB, CSO, XMOD dB -60 -
Impedance Ohm 75
Input/Output Test port level
dB 20 (±2)
Input/Output Test port return losses
dB 14
Operating temperature range
ºF 14 ··· 113
Mains voltage / frequency
V~ 120 / 230
Hz 50 / 60
Consumption mA 255 @120V~
150 @230V~
W 15.4
Protection index
IP 20

Block diagram