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AVANT X programmable multiband amplifier for terrestrial signals

AVANT X programmable multiband amplifier for terrestrial signals

AVANT X programmable multiband amplifier for terrestrial signals, with AutoLTE

32 digital programmable filters (ASuite or universal programmer)

A new evolutionary stage

Multi-input multiband amplifier, perfect for terrestrial individual or MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) installations, that allows programming up to 32 digital filters on 4 LowVHF+HighVHF+UHF inputs (DTT).
The multiband amplifier is equipped with 6 inputs: FM-4xLowVHF/HighVHF/UHF-CATV, and can achieve programmable amplification and balancing of the different RF inputs.
Thanks to ASuite, the multiband amplifier programming is very easy and intuitive using an Android or Windows/Mac application.

The multiband amplifier is able to detect LTE signals and automatically set the filter to channel 36 (for LTE600) or 51 (for LTE700), thanks to the automatic LTE filtering.

Program the Avant in an easy and intuitive way
Ref. 532180
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EAN13: 8424450212004
  • Digital processing technology implemented on terrestrial TV signals
  • Up to 32 individually programmable filters: single channel digital filtering, even for adjacent channels (1 to 4 channels)
  • Digital processing of channels: output channels can be frequency shifted
  • Automatic signal adjustment in each filter (AGC): and output signal manual regulation
  • UHF/HighVHF/LowVHF digital filters with high selectivity: 30dB rejection (@ 1MHz)
  • AutoLTE: automatic internal adaptation of filters, depending on the LTE signal type (CH36/CH51)
  • CATV signal input with extended frequency range: 54-1220MHz
  • SAW filters (Surface Acoustic Wave) against LTE interference, with the best selectivity and stability
  • Compatible with ISDB-Tb, ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and NTSC
  • TForce Technology: terrestrial signal level always stable and adapted to its optimum value
  • Storage multiple setup configurations, allows user to transfer data to other AVANT X units
  • Zamak chassis provides high RF shielding
  • Light-weight and compact multiband amplifier with a wide range of features (8.85" x 4.72" x 2.16")
  • Very easy configuration and adjustment using ASuite application for Android or Windows

Main features
  • All the inputs support UHF, HighVHF and LowVHF
  • Automatic balancing according to the programmed output level and equalization slope
  • High output power
  • Allocation of filters to inputs without restraints
  • Powering of pre-amplifiers or BOSS system
  • LED indicators displaying both unit and signal status
  • Easy-to-replace power supply


Avant X: A new evolutionary stage

Avant X is a full digital programmable single channel headend, which main mission is to achieve a programmable amplification and balance of different RF input signals.

  • LowVHF+HighVHF+UHF inputs: the channels present in these inputs can be filtered and adjusted using up to 32 digital filters. Each filter can be tuned to any LowVHF+HighVHF+UHF channel, and its bandwidth can comprise between 1 and 4 channels.
    The arrangement of the 32 filters is configurable based on the number of channels present on each LowVHF+HighVHF+UHF input. It's compatible with ISDB-Tb, ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and NTSC.
    The output level is programmable between 30-55dBmV. Furthermore, an equalization slope of up to 8 dB can be programmed at the output.
  • The FM input can be enabled or not. In case this input is enabled, it will be amplified and its output level set to 10 dB below the lowest-level UHF channel (taking into account the equalization slope).
  • CATV input: it has an extended frequency range (54-1220MHz). The gain and the slope (0-20dB) are programmables.

Choose the desired programming mode...

Avant X provides different programming options:

  • App ASuite for PC/Mac or tablet/Android smartphone, via USB connection (OTG cable included): The multiband amplifier configuration is performed in a friendly and intuitive environment. A configuration can be defined and stored - even without being connected to the multiband amplifier - only to retrieve it at installation and adjustment time.
  • Universal programmer (ref. 7234): The unit is compatible with the programmer, ensuring backwards compatibility.

By pressing the READJUST button (short press), the unit is readjusted to the stored configuration values.
After the multiband amplifier is adjusted, a manual fine tuning can be performed to slightly correct the LowVHF/HighVHF/UHF filters' gain.

Nr. of inputs 4 1 1
Frequency range MHz 54-88/174-216/470-(608/698) 87–108 54-1220
Maximum gain dB 75 21 40
Nr. of filters 32 - -
Bandwidth per filter MHz 6 - -
Nr. of channels per filter 1…4 - -
Filter configuration Unlimited - -
Slope regulation dB 0…8 - 0…18
Recommended input range dBmV -20…40 - 10…30
Gain regulation dB 0…30 (auto) 0…25 / OFF 10…40
Manual regulation after auto-adjustment dB ± 3 ± 5 -
Output level (DIN45004B) dBmV 55 (6 Mux) - 55
Output level (EN50083 IMD3 2CH -36dB) dBmV 30…55 20…45 -
Selectivity dB >28 @±1MHz >20 @±20MHz -
Input powering Vdc 12 (AUTO/ON/OFF) - -
Maximum current per input mA 50 - -
Mains voltage / frequency Vac / Hz 110-230 / 50-60
Total consumption W 14
Maximum operating temperature ºF 113
Weight lb 2.03
Dimensions in 8.85 x 4.72 x 2.16
Protection index IP 20

Avant X with Smart Configuration