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"F" domestic amplifier (UL certified)

"F" domestic amplifier (UL certified)

3 outputs (2+TV): VHF/UHF

Domestic distribution amplifier intended to extend the over the air television signal coming from an antenna in a home coaxial cable network. This amplifier provides a total of 3 outputs, two of which have a maximum gain of 20dB, in addition to a lower gain output of 12dB meant to be connected to the TV set closest to the amplifier itself. Its adjustable gain allows the user to fine tune the ideal level and avoid over amplification. It incorporates LTE filtering to eliminate any potential cell phone signal interference.

A built in low consumption UL-listed power supply provides over 50% energy savings compared to the wall-wart adapters found in most other distribution amplifiers. Low visual impact wall-mounted compact design and small size, with cast metal and resistant high grade ABS plastic construction for maximum durability and best in class shielding.

Ref. 552280
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EAN13: 8424450184592
  • Adjustable gain, with a maximum gain of 20dB
  • Low VHF, high VHF and UHF signals amplification
  • Built in LTE filter eliminates any potential cell phone interference created by nearby cell phone stations or home cell phone booster systems
  • Low consumption power supply provides over 50% energy savings
  • High-screening metal chassis provides optimal electromagnetic shielding
  • Elegant and discrete wall-mounted form factor
  • Fully automated manufacturing subject to the most stringent quality controls

Main features
  • Manual gain control, protected by a folding cover
  • Can be wall-mounted using screws
  • “F” connectors

Output No. 2 + TV
Frequency margin MHz 47 ... 698
Gain dB 20 (12 @TV out)
Gain regulation range dB 0 ... 15
Max. output current IMD3 (2 tones, -35dB) dBmV 57
DIN45004B 50
Mains voltage V~/Hz 108-132 / 50-60
Max. consumpt. mA~/W 38 / 2.2
Protection index IP 20
Working temperature ºF 23 ... 113