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Kit: Mast amplifier with BOSS-Tech and “F” Power Supply Unit

Kit: Mast amplifier with BOSS-Tech and “F” Power Supply Unit

Kit: Mast amplifier with BOSS-Tech and “F” Power Supply Unit

1 input: LowVHF/HighVHF/UHF (Repack Ready)

Active device that filters and amplifies terrestrial television signals coming from a single antenna, optimizing LTE band rejection up to channel 36 (Repack Ready). Equipped with a single input for amplification on LowVHF, HighVHF and UHF bands. The amplifier is powered through the output coaxial cable.

The kit is complemented with a domestic 12 V-power supply unit (220mA), which is included in the installation kit to provide the amplifier with the necessary power. The PSU powers equipment through the input coaxial cable while allowing the transmission of the TV signal. Furthermore, it is equipped with two outputs.
This power supply is UL certified (US plug).

These devices allow the installer to adapt the output level according to the necessary characteristics of the distribution network.

Ref. 560383
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EAN13: 8424450214961
  • Use this installation to join the "cord-cutting" movement and enjoy top rated HDTV shows for free: abc HD, CSO HD, FOX HD, PBS HD, the CW, Univision HD ...
  • Very fine tuned filtering to avoid any out of band interference, including FM filtering, and Repack frequencies (from 608MHz onwards)
  • BOSS-Tech devices integrated: the amplifier adapts automatically and dynamically their gain to the signal conditions at the time, ensuring an optimum level of amplification and that the optimum signal is delivered at all times. It also avoids overload when there is interference present or enhanced conditions
  • Dual band amplification: the VHF and UHF gains are adjusted independently according to the needs of each band. This also helps avoid intermodulation interference between the bands
  • Very low noise
  • High-screening Zamak chassis

Main features
  • “F” connectors
  • ON/OFF switch to allow DC pass towards the input for the powering of a BOSS system
  • Easy mounting. Equipped with a plastic tie for mast mounting
  • Resistant ABS-plastic black case for outdoor installation

Mast amplifier:
Inputs/Bands LowVHF/HighVHF/UHF
Frequency margin
MHz 54-88 174-216 470-608
Gain dB 22 31
Automatic gain adjustment range
dB 0 ... 15
Output level
DIN 45004B dBmV 43 47
EN 60728-3 (IMD3 2CH -35dB) 51 55
Power supply
Vdc/mA 12 / 50
Max current through inputs
OFF mA 0
ON 70
Operating temperature ºF +23 ... 113
Protection index
IP 23

Power Supply Unit:
Frequency margin
Mhz 5 - 862
Through loss (typ.) dB 1 Out Main: 1.5 / Aux: ----
2 Out Main 4 / Aux: 4
Output interstage equalizer
V 12 ±1.5
Max. output current
mA 220
Min. output current
mA 30
Powering V~ / Hz 108 - 132 / 50-60
Máx. Consumption mA~ / W 65 / 3.6
Protection index
IP 20
Operating temperature
14 ... +113