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19"-Rack ring

24V-5A power supply

For several modules, 196-264Vac

Flyback-type, high-power and high-performance (>85%) switched-mode power supply . Provides 5A at 24V (120W).
Ref. 5629
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EAN13: 8424450139295
Main features
  • Equipped with two outputs monitored by LED diodes that indicate the status of the provided voltages
  • Overload and short-circuit detection
  • Maximum current limited to 4A per output
  • Equipped with protection against output-voltage variation

 Mains frequency
Hz50 / 60
 Max. input current
(A~)1,35 (5929) / 1,5 (593901)
 Output voltage
 Max. output current
 Max. output power
 Max. operating temperature
ÂşC / ÂşF45 / 113
 Protection index

As a general rule, they can power up to 7 modules. However, the actual number depends on the type(s) of the T0X modules being used; that is why it is always recommended to check the instructions manual of the specific equipment for the answer.
Yes, for load balancing purposes. One of the outputs can serve up to 4 equipment, the other up to 3 equipment (to average 7)

In some cases, the transmodulation of specific satellite channels into COFDM will probably not be enough; this is why the option is available to add the IF of a satellite polarity to the COFDM signal flow. Furthermore, that signal flow may be transmitted over optical fibre by means of an appropriate low-loss optical transmitter, thus allowing to reach longer distances.

How can I add an IF signal to a DTT-only T.0X processing headend and transmit it through an optical fibre to distant spots?

1. T.0X processing headends (DVB/S2-COFDM and DVB-T/COFDM transmodulators, encoders/modulators, amplifier, etc.).

2. MiniKom amplifier ref. 5363 (Art. No. EV45).

3. SMATV optical transmitter ref. 238201 (Art. No. OMS1310).

4. SMATV optical receiver ref. 2311 (Art. No. OE1216)

Thanks to these measures and graphics, you will be able to know how many modules you can fit in each cabinet or frame. Televes uses standard dimensions in order to make installation easier for our technicians. These dimensions are taken from a Eurocard (standard European format for PCB). Vertically, we find the U (Unit Rack) equivalent to 1.75 inches (44.45 mm), horizontally we have the HP (Horizontal Pitch), equivalent to 0.2 inches (5.08 mm).

Below you will find the dimensions of the main modules in our headend series.

Supports and Cabinets HP
5301 19’’ Rack frame 84
567201 19’’ Wall support 54
5072 Lockable Cabinet 498mm 84
5069 Lockable Cabinet 648mm 112
5235 Lockable Cabinet 948mm 168

Equipment dimensions’ list




Power Supply Unit (T.0X/T.12) 14
- T.0X (Transmodulators, CDC,... normal chassis equipment) 10
- T.12 7
5673 T.0X Blank Plate 10
507312 T.12/T.05 Blank Plate 7

Optical fibre HP
234220 T.0X EDFA 14



T.0X Splitter 2D/4D 10
T.0X Splitter 8D/16D/32D 18
234228 T.0X EDFA 1E/8S 22

Block diagram