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Twin Transmodulator

8PSK - DVBC (QAM Annex A)

Transmodulator that generates two QAM Multiplexes from the services available in either one or two 8PSK TV SAT transponders of the same band and polarization.
Ref. 563701
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EAN13: 8424450149775
  • Total or selective removal of the services present in the received transponder, to avoid them being detected (and memorized) by the receivers (STB)
  • Editable TS_ID, which makes programme/service detection easier on the receiver (STB), since the channel scan is based on this identifier
  • LCN (Logical Channel Number) allows the assignment of the services present in the output to an LCN, which makes the ordering of the channels easier on the receivers (STB)
  • Provides information regarding both the occupation of each specific service and the global output occupation, which allows the optimization of the services being distributed
  • Can be remotely controlled using CDC (Headend control)
  • Device monitoring and signal status LEDs

Main features
  • Two independent tuners allowing more than 14 services per module
  • Two output stages with packet generation above 6 MHz bandwidth
  • Equipped with an input matrix to allow any input signal to be processed by any of the demodulators
  • Output up to 1024 QAM
  • Null packet insertion (“Stuffing”) allows the receiver (STB) to perform a faster scanning

Input selection options (PORT1/PORT2) IN/OUT, IN/IN, DISABLED/IN
Symbol rate Mbaud 10-30
Input frequency (agile) MHz 950 - 2150 FEC QPSK Legacy Viterbi 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
Reed Solomon (204, 188)
Frequency steps MHz 1 8PSK Interactive Turbo Error Correction
Reed Solomon (204, 188)
Input modulation QPSK Legacy (EN300421)
Turbo 8PSK - Turbo QPSK
Transmission filter Square Root Raised Cosine
Input level dBm -70 to -20 Roll-off Factor % QPSK legacy 35
PORT1-PORT2 isolation dB > 25 8PSK-TC
Loop-through losses dB < 1.5 In/Out connectors type “F” female
Input impedance Ohm 75
Modulation format QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 Symbol rate (max) Mbaud 6.9
Roll-off factor % 15 (12 for 1024 QAM)
RF Output Frequency range (agile) MHz 57 ··· 999 (EIA Ch 2 to 158) Loop-through losses dB < 1.5
Frequency steps MHz 1 MER dB > 40
Output level dBmV 38 ± 2 In/Out connectors type “F” female.
Adjustable level (min.) dB 20 Out Impedance Ohm 75
General Powering voltage Vdc 24 Consumption 24V mA 600
Protection index IP 20 Working temperat ºF < 113 (use forced ventilation at higher temp)

Block diagram