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HighVHF/UHF adjustable attenuator with LowVHF loop through

0-20dB regulation

Plug-in adjustable attenuator to regulate the terrestrial signal level in HighVHF and UHF bands (174...862MHz). In addition, this device offers LowVHF band (54...88MHz) loop through, making it possible to obtain levels in the different bands that are much more balanced between each other.
Its use is recommended to balance the terrestrial signal before an AvantX programmable amplifier input.

Ref. 765380
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EAN13: 8424450251249
  • 0-20dB regulation
  • High-screening Zamak chassis

Main features
  • Allows DC pass
  • Plug-in format
  • “F” connectors (male-female)

Frequency margin MHz 54...88 174...862
Insertion loss dB <1.5 (max. 3)
Attenuation margin dB - 0-20
Return loss dB >10
DC pass In<->Out
Protection index IP20