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8-output YEDFA optical amplifier, 1RU rack 19

8-output YEDFA optical amplifier, 1RU rack 19"

4-output EDFA optical amplifier with WDM, 1RU rack 19

4-output EDFA optical amplifier with WDM, 1RU rack 19"

1-output EDFA optical amplifier with WDM, 1RU rack 19"

1550 nm, Po 20 dBm

This device consists of an amplifier, a WDM, and a double power supply. It amplifies the 1550 nm optical signal producing an optical output power of 20 dBm. Based on EDFA (Erbium doped fiber) technology, it provides a high gain, a higher optical power and a low noise factor.
Equipped with WDM, it includes one 1310 nm/1490 nm-input that multiplexes the amplified 1550 nm-signal, providing one 1310 nm/1490 nm/1550 nm-output, making it suitable for video overlay distribution in medium size splitting GPON optical networks.
Ref. 769630
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EAN13: 8424450224151
  • High-optical output power amplifier
  • Equipped with WDM for the multiplexing of RF Overlay with GPON signals
  • -10 dBm to +10 dBm input range
  • Status LED indicators
  • High-efficiency power supply
  • Hot swappable double power supply: subscriber service is not interrupted

Main features
  • 1RU for rack 19’’
  • Extended range (99-253 VAC) power supply
  • Suitable for medium/large size optical networks
  • SC/APC optical connectors

Number of input optical ports RF Overlay1
Number of optical ports DATA (GPON)1
Number of output optical ports1
Wavelength (@RF Overlay)nm 1540 ... 1560
GPON Wavelength (@Upstream)nm1310
GPON Wavelength (@Downstream)nm1490
Optical input power RF Overlay MindBm-10
Optical input power RF Overlay MaxdBm10
Optical output power RF OverlaydBm20
Noise figure MaxdB5.5
Optical return lossesdB-40
GPON Insertion losses MaxdB1
CSO MaxdB-65
CTB MaxdB-65
Optical connectorsSC/APC
Protection index20
Operating temperature°F 23 ... 113
Mains frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz
PSU input voltageVac 110 ... 230
Max PSU current inputmA110
PSU input power MaxW5.5
NotesMeasurements made with: external modulator transmitter, 40km fiber, optical input power to the receiver of -0.6dBm

Block diagram