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VPN router

VPN router

UPS and rack 19" support

Installation Kit

High performance Uninterruptible Power Supply System for the protection of equipment against power supply problems. The UPS battery provides autonomy in case of power failure. It will keep the equipment running for the safety time required to recover energy.

The UPS is a fundamental component for communications infrastructures, since it guarantees the constant availability of electricity, preventing data loss in the event of a power failure. It is also key to ensuring the proper operation and extend the life of the devices connected to it, as it protects equipment from power rises and falls.

It includes the UPS and the support for rack 19".

Ref. 831701
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EAN13: 8424450153147
  • Efficient electrical design
  • EcoControl function to automatically deactivate peripheral devices when the master device is switched off
  • Includes high-performance over-voltage protection. Provides protection for data connections such as Ethernet, Internet, and telephone lines
  • Periodic battery self-test, which ensures early detection of battery failure
  • Equipped with a switch for easy recovery in case of short-circuit or overload

Main features
  • 8 IEC C13 sockets for equipment connection
  • 4 outputs equipped with both over-voltage protection and backup, and 4 outputs with over-voltage protection
  • Damaged battery LED and audible alarm

Rating VA/W 1600/1000
Nominal input voltage
V 230
Input voltage
V 184 - 264 (adjustable to 161 - 284)
Output voltage
V 230 (adjustable to 220 and 240)
Frequency Hz 50/60
Automatic battery test
Deep discharge protection
hours 4
Battery runtime at 50% load
min. 11
Battery runtime at 70% load
min. 6
Communication port
Type USB