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VPN router

VPN router


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible power supply for equipment protection. Keeps equipment operating for 4 hours after a power failure, thus preventing voltage peaks that could damage the equipment.
Ref. 831701
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EAN13: 8424450153147
  • Efficient electrical design
  • EcoControl function to automatically deactivate peripheral devices when the master device is switched off
  • Includes high-performance over-voltage protection. Provides protection for data connections such as Ethernet, Internet, and telephone lines
  • Periodic battery self-test, which ensures early detection of battery failure
  • Equipped with a switch for easy recovery in case of short-circuit or overload

Main features
  • 8 sockets for equipment connection
  • 4 outputs equipped with both over-voltage protection and backup, and 4 outputs with over-voltage protection
  • Damaged battery LED and audible alarm

Rating VA/W 1600/1000
Nominal input voltage
V 230
Input voltage
V 184 - 264 (adjustable to 161 - 284)
Output voltage
V 230 (adjustable to 220 and 240)
Frequency Hz 50/60
Automatic battery test
Deep discharge protection
hours 4
Battery runtime at 50% load
min. 11
Battery runtime at 70% load
min. 6
Communication port
Type USB