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SC/APC optical connector

SC/APC optical connector

Fiber optic cleaning wipes

Fiber optic cleaning wipes

Fusion protection enclosure For fusion splicer

Plastic protective enclosures to protect a fiber optic fusion when working with a fusion splicer. They are used to cover the heat shrink protector and prevent the fiber splice from bending, which could damage the fusion.
Handling is very simple, each end is fitted with a threaded system for fixing. It is a practical solution to use in case of repairing a damaged fibre, avoiding the installation of a larger box.
101 mm length. Supplied in 100-unit bags.
Ref. 232702
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EAN13: 8424450265581
  • Quick and easy to install, without the need for tools
  • Reusable, thanks to its threaded system

Main features
  • 101 mm length
  • Compatible with cables up to 3.4 mm diameter
  • White colour