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About us

Human resources

Excelence and passion from the first day

People specialized in people

Televes bases its success on the continuous training of the people that make up our team. The knowledge acquired by Televes employees is encouraged through training and internal promotion programs. It is our way of maintaining the highest levels of self-motivation and keeps Televes up to date with new developments and technologies.

Recursos humanos Televés
Recursos humanos Televés

Post-sale services

Enhanced experience

Our extensive technical assistance program ensures that the experience of our clients does not end until they are completely familiar with the product. We could not understand the pursuit of excellence without the exquisite customer service after the sale. Thanks to an extensive technical assistance program, and depending on your preference, Televes offers various support formulas.

The assistance from the Televes website includes a library of documents and technical product specification sheets, FAQs and consultation forms.

If you can not find an answer to your specific query, you can contact our specialized team at the Technical Office at

+34 981 520 168

If you prefer personal support, you can find local support in any of our branches and certified installers all over the world.


Commitment to professionals

Technical support to the telecommunication equipment market and to its professionals is a commitment in which Televes remains faithful to its origins, with a dedicated training department. It is our commitment to help our customers be technically prepared to implement any type of television installation or telecommunications service helping them to solve any problem that may arise day to day.

Televes invests a large amount of resources in the organization of periodic training courses for our customers and certified distributors. We are convinced that teaching as part of support for professionals is one of the best ways to transmit excellence in customer service.

In addition, the company has two mobile units that travel tens of thousands of kilometers carrying out support work and for training courses such as laboratory practices

If you are a Televes customer and are interested in a training program related to our sector, do not hesitate to contact your nearest Televes branch to plan your training, or to design a tailored study plan.

Formación Televés
Formación Televés

Made in Televes

European technology made in Europe

We control all the processes to guarantee quality

Since it was born in our factory, until it reaches our customer. We control all the processes to guarantee the quality of our product.

Since it is born in our factory...

1. Product designing

2. We produced the tube for our antenas

3.We design and produce the printed circuit for our products

4.We design and produce our robots heads and tools

5. We do the engineering of our automatic assembly lines

6. We inject the zamak in our chassis

7. We inject the plastics

8. We do surface treatments

9. We laser cut our metal plates

10. We press our dishes in automatic presses and paint them

11. We assemble the SMD surface electronic components

12. We do all the robotic line assambly

13. We print the covers in all our products

14. We automatically pack

Until it arrives to our clients

Sustainable development

We are commited to the environment.

We are committed to our environment, which is why we are investing in increasingly cleaner and more efficient technologies. The planet needs a global awareness. Together, we must begin to practice more responsible gestures, be aware of what nature does for us and include more ecological processes in our day to day. We know that there is still much to do to respect and care for the environment, hence our commitment to sustainability.