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Televes launches pilot with Bavarian Red Cross to develop Carelife™ healthcare solution in the German market

Santiago de Compostela, March 10th, 2020. Televes has reached an agreement with Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (Red Cross of Bavaria) to launch a pilot that will allow Carelife™ to be developed in the German market. This important step in the internationalization of the product takes place after having reliably validated, within the framework of the European ACTIVAGE project, the reliability and robustness of this advanced telecare solution for eHealth environments.

The Bavarian Red Cross is a leading provider of social and health services in the land of Bavaria. This collaboration will serve to adapt to the German market the care model for the elderly or dependents based on technology proposed by Carelife™.

For the development of the pilot, 20 homes will be equipped with sensors that monitor daily activity of its users, analyzing their habits and routines to establish parameters that define potential risk situations that automatically activate healthcare resources, thus complementing the traditional healthcare emergency button.

“We are very pleased to start this collaboration with Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz. For resources, experience and its proven vocation of service, we could not have a better travel companion to develop Carelife™ in such a demanding market and, at the same time, as full of opportunities as Germany is”, said Matthias Dienst, managing director of Televes Deutschland.

For his part, Gabriel Pollak of the Bavarian Red Cross has pointed out that “Televes' solution has been solidly contrasted in Spain and its technology represents a very important step forward in the evolution concept of telecare. We are convinced that the pilot will be a success and will lay the groundwork for the implementation of Carelife™, benefiting our users”.