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TVI Samsung Extensor for STB

TVI Samsung Extensor for STB

TVI LG Extensor for STB

TVI LG extensor cable for Digital Signage Set-Top Box players, DS Chronos and DS Nemesis. It allows to control the television from the set-top box, giving the possibility of powering on and off the television or changing the television source input selection from the set-top box directly through the TVI cable.
Ref. 830215
EAN13: 8424450175255
Product no:
Står Ut För
  • RJ12-to-STB connector
  • RS-232C-to-TV connector
  • Length: 1.5 m
  • LG control protocol
  • Compatible with specific LG and NEC models (check models)
  • IR Pass-through
  • TV Control

Fysiska data

Bredd: 31 mm

Höjd: 44 mm

Djup: 15 mm

Huvudproduktens vikt: 62 g


Låda 1 st.

Mer information
tlv_reflog ATVIL
tlv_ean 8424450175255
tlv_dim_product_x 31
tlv_dim_product_x_label Bredd
tlv_dim_product_x_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_y 44
tlv_dim_product_y_label Höjd
tlv_dim_product_y_unit mm
tlv_dim_product_z 15
tlv_dim_product_z_label Djup
tlv_dim_product_z_unit mm
tlv_weight_product_label Huvudproduktens vikt
tlv_weight_product 62
tlv_weight_product_unit g
tlv_gross_weight_label Bruttovikt
tlv_gross_weight 0
tlv_gross_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight_label Nettovikt
tlv_net_weight_unit g
tlv_net_weight 0
tlv_1_type_pack Låda
tlv_1_type_pcs_pack st.
tlv_1_pcs_pack 1