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Informa 10 (February 2012)


  • General information: NP100 improves forecasts with 86 new products in 2011 +
  • New product: New stainless steel tower (model 180 - 15m) +
  • FAQ: Can the Avant 3 amplifier only be programmed using the PCT ref. 7234? +
  • Your pictures: Imagination has no limits +
  • Ideas: deas: Mixing a terrestrial signal into a satellite installation based on optical fibre + 
  • Real installations: Juventus Stadium. Innovative material for a cuttingedge Stadium +
  • Training: Standards and CE Marking +



NP100 improves forecasts with 86 new products in 2011

Exactly one year ago Televes announced an ambitious venture to fully renovate its catalogue and strengthen its leadership through innovation: plan NP100.
The aim was to launch one hundred new products in 18 months. It was not an easy challenge and one which demanded the involvement of the whole organisation, from the sales management and the R+I departments to the Logistics and Industrial Organisation services. A challenge, also, that was developed within a very complex context; the global economic recession. When two thirds of the expected period has expired, the plan can be called a success. In twelve months the figure of 86 launches has been achieved, which makes it possible to forecast that the objective will be accomplished before the expected date.
Televes believes that the success of NP100 represents a true milestone and reveals not only the company’s capacity and leadership, but also its compromise to add value to its clients and boost the revitalisation of the telecommunications infrastructures sector’s activity.
Innovation in all areas
The new products launched under NP100 cover, in addition, all the areas that Televes specialises in, from signal Reception to the Integration of telecommunication services, through to Head-end Management, Distribution, Reception and Measurement.


The new line of towers and the incorporation of intelligent Boss Tech technology in the Diginova and Omninova aerials are the most outstanding developments within the Signal Reception chapter, where a total of 18 new products have been launched. In Headend Management, the number of launches totals 28, with special focus on the T.0X head-ends and their DVBS2 to COFDM modulators. The T.0X head-ends were one of the products that raised the most interest at the ANGA Cable 2011 trade fair, because of the innovative features that they include to make work easier for installers.

The chapter that includes the highest number of new products is that of Distribution, with a total of 37. The Pikocom 2 S+DC domestic amplifier is the most outstanding product. It is a Plug&Play device that does not require adjustments because its gain is self-regulated until the ideal output level is achieved. Its design is based on the use of state of the art micro-components that make it possible


to reduce the size of the device as well as its energy consumption.
In the area of Measurement equipment, and specifically in fibre optics, a new light source has been launched; while in Reception the new product presented under the NP100 is the Zas Sat, which allows for the tuning of satellite channels both under standard as under high definition.
It shares with its brothers the already well-known virtues of the Zas family: easy to use, low energy consumption, flawless, and guaranteed by the European Technology Manufactured in Europe seal. Finally, NP100 has also been the framework for the launching of the new Coax Data. As it is already known, this hybrid adapter makes it possible to connect personal computers with Internet access at high speed, TV channels and audiovisual and entertainment equipment using the electric and coaxial networks. It now offers a band width of 200 Mbps and supports high definition.
During the upcoming moths, the plan will continue until it reaches the one hundred launches that are its objective.
Gaining market share, boosting internationalisation, adding value to the distribution channel and motivating all the company team members are some of the returns from the success of NP100



New stainless steel tower(model 180 - 15m)

Televes launches a new 15m high tower, model 180, manufactured in stainless steel.
The design of the structure of the tower and the anchoring systems have been designed based on the technology used on ships to save installation space. All elements of the structure are made of AISI 316 steel, which is requested by the shipping industry.
This configuration lets you install a 15m high tower only within 1.3 m radius of space for the anchorages of the bracing.
So there are many applications for this new design, including: installation of a tower on rooftops of a small size, security booths, coastal areas and places in which, by their small size or by their needs, it it is essential a reduced space installation and stainless steel.


  We recommend this type of structure in situations where aesthetics is important or if the tower is intended for use once finished their main task.
With all this effort, developed at the level of engineering, the installer will get:
Easier handling and installation.
Increased mechanical strength and torsional rigidity.
Virtually unlimited duration.
The new coupling system facilitates the joint between the
The ref. 3049 is supplied with all necessary equipment for its erection: sections, wire rope, turnbuckles, clamps,....
This gives us the confidence to know you are not missing any element that prevents its complete installation






Can the Avant 3 amplifier only be programmed using the PCT ref. 7234?

To make easier the work of installers, Televés provides, for free on its web page, programming software for Avant3.
To use this software, you will need::
PC (with Windows XP or higher) with COM or USB port.
RS232-to-RJ45 connection cable (COM port).
COM-to-USB adapter ref. 5838 (if you intend to make the connection through the USB port instead of the COM port).


The program automatically detects the port used, allowing for an intuitive and fast installation (besides simple programming).
Among others actions, you can do the following:
Storing the number of settings that you want on your PC; Modify configuration of inputs; Setting of filter bandwidths, etc.
The software is valid for any unit ref. 5326 with production date later to January 2010 (inclusive)



Imagination has no limits

We do not know if the intention of this peculiar antennas mounting was to increase the ratio F/B of the antenna, or take advantage of the reflected signal on the reflector and thus enhance the signal captured by the dipole.
Also do not know whether the fact of keeping folded down the directors (as supplied from the factory) is related to the type of polarity received (H / V). Obviously the installation is a stretch of the imagination, lacking technical rigor





Mixing a terrestrial signal into a satellite installation based on optical fibre

Today, when we decided on an installation of fibre optics to connect an optical LNB until a distribution point, we encounter the problem that, in principle the system does not allow an easy mix of existing terrestrial signals.
For this, you can use a Multimat combiner (due to the fact thta losses can be adjusted based on its reference), so that we can mix the MATV signal in a Satellite distribution network




Juventus Stadium
Innovative material for a cutting-edge Stadium

For their new stadium, Juventus has not hesitated to have the most prestigious firms. The interiors, for example, have been designed by Pininfarina and Giugiaro, and to distribute the signals of Terrestrial and Satellite TV and multimedia content, they called the leader MATV/ SMATV sector, this is, Televes (Italy).
Our system of management and remote control (CDC ref. 5052 and ref. 5837) lets you control the different contents of the screens in the stadium (8 restaurants and 20 bars) as well as those of the VIP, through a PC.
Terrestrial television is received via a VHF aerial (ref. 1065) and an UHF aerial DAT HD BOSS (ref. 1495). The satellite signal is captured with 2 discs equipped with optical LNBs (ref. 2353), and all channels from satellites Hot Bird 13°E and Astra 19°E are sent to the headend via optical fiber. Are also collected the signals from different cameras scattered around the stadium; by digitizing their analog format by means of modulators (ref. 5540 and ref. 5541) are sent to the headend by optical fiber.


In the headend, the signals are converted to RF through optical receivers (ref. 8675 and ref. 2350), processed and equalized to create a digital stream of 18 DTT multiplex. These are again redistributed over optical fiber so as to reach the 7 distant substations for coaxial conversion and amplification (ref. 8675 and ref. 451 202), and thus be able to serve up to 400 TVs.
The 18 DTT multiplex are generated by:
Processors T05 (ref. 5179), achieving 10 DTT multiplex from Terrestrial reception.
 Transmodulators DVBS-2 to COFDM (ref. 563104), thus achieving 4 DTT multiplex from Satellite reception.
Analog to digital modulators (ref. 5540 & ref. 5541), thus achieving 4 DTT multiplex (two multiplex come from the eight cameras in the stadium, and another 2 multiplex from 8 A/V signals generated in the central study by DVD players, receivers, PC, ...
 From the headend, the digital stream is sent to the data center via fiber optics, where it has been installed the IPTV server (VoD) which carries the IP signal to: the grand entrance of the stadium, locker rooms, Partner’s Club, 4 suites, and 62 Sky Box (Executive Boxes), for a total of 73 TVs to which will be added other 40 Sky Box in the near future




With regard to the support that, for our customers, is the documentation provided by Televés in the products that places on the market, sometimes arise doubts, due to ignorance, that give rise to an endless list of questions.
Documents and Declarations of Conformity, CE, Standards ..., etc. are required by control agencies, especially in Public Works, which most of the times does not make sense depending on the product concerned.
What documentation must be submitted to the authorities toprove that a product complies with current legislation?

Manufacturing in accordance with standards
Televés is a company certified by AENOR and IQNet, and therefore, the submission of such Certification should be sufficient to ensure, to any entity, that all its designed and manufactured products, as well as after-sales service, are in fully compliance with the UNE-EN ISO9001-2008 standard. This certification is valid to ensure that all Televes products are compliant with regulations applicable to each one individually.
As an example, Televés may issue a Declaration of Conformity for a coaxial cable, noting that the cable is manufactured according to a specific standard.
Being Televes a company certified by AENOR and IQNet, all its products are manufactured in compliance to the standard under which the company has been certified. This fact does that is not always necessary to create an individual certificate of conformity for each one of the products it manufactures.
The CE mark
The CE marking certifies that Televés products are in compliance with existing directives in the European Union - “CE Mark”.


The Directive which is home to some of the products of Televes refers to EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility), and these products must be mandatory marked CE.
The electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of the equipment to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment of work, without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to other equipment that are in that environment.
Protection against electromagnetic disturbances in manufacturing implies obligations that have a corresponding economic impact.
The EMC 2004/108/EC Directive classifies the products as benign/malignant, in terms of electromagnetic compatibility. In paragraph 1.1.4 of this Directive there are examples of similar products under benign behavior / malignant and, thus, it is certainly possible to have a practical notion to know what products must be CE marked. Consequently, the products considered benign in terms of electromagnetic compatibility can be excluded from the EMC compliance and, therefore, not having to be marked with CE.
In terms of electromagnetic compatibility, a product is considered inherently benign if:
Its physical characteristics are such that it is not capable of generating or contributing to electromagnetic emissions which exceed a certain level that affects the functioning for which radio and telecommunications equipments have been designed
Working without noticeable degradation in the presence of an electromagnetic disturbance within its usual application environment.
Examples of equipment considered benign by this Directive are those which do not include active:
electronic parts. For example:
Cables, wiring and cable accessories, considered separately.


Equipment containing only resistive loads.
Passive antennas for TV reception
Connectors, sockets, sets of terminal loads ... and so on.
For all those products that are considered malignant under the point of view of EMC, Televés complies with the obligation to provide their corresponding Declaration of Conformity guaranteeing that the product meets all the standards applicable to it.
The figure shows a comparison between a Declaration of Conformity (for a product malignant) and a separate documentation regarding the manufacture according to aspecific standard.
The request for presentation of CE certificates of equipment considered benign in the EMC directive is a mistake due to ignorance of the Directive.
You can find many malignant product on the market (cheap DTT receivers, for example) that do not submit their Statement of Compliance, stating the regulations applicable to it.
The Certificate of Compliance involves a number of costs associated with research and development, raw materials, which necessarily affect the final product cost. For this reason, many products do not present a certificate of registration, especially those cheaper products. Never trust on them!