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InfoTeleves 19 (August 2013)

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  • General information: 20th Anniversary DVB +
  • Always up-to-date: New products, new communication +
  • Televes in the world: Televes in ANGACOM +
  • Your pictures: Popular architecture +
  • Talking about...: Gamelsa +
  • Did you know...: Televes’ editions training since 1976 +
  • FAQs: Solucionar interferencias de la LTE +
  • Training: Analyze the performance of digital terrestrial signals +
  • Ideas: 12Vdc amplifier for the Diginova +
  • Facilities: FTTC and CoaxData in Villasayas and Fuentegelme (Spain) +
  • New product: Domestic Amplifier +


 20th Anniversary DVB

Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), the consortium dedicated to the creation of open standards for digital television is celbrating its 20th anniversary. Two decades os success also integrating more than 200 manufacturers, operators, software developers and regulators from more than 40 countries. Televes, who has supported DVB from its inception and became a numbered member in 1995, wants to congratulate DVB on this milestone and wish for a continued line of work.

DVB has elaborated some of the most utilised broadcasting standards, like DVB-S/S2 and DVB-C/C2 for satellite and cable. The transmission of television using conventional UHF channel evolved into DVB-T and DVB-T2, currently used in the majority of Europe and with great penetration in Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Televes has always being aligned strategically around standarisation. As a result for example, since 2004 it has launched a full line of ZAS evolving set-up boxes. Or, In 1997 it presented the first transparent DVB-S to DVB-C trasmodulator
DVB organises its work around four different modules (commercial, technical, intellectual property and promotion) and through specific project groups. They take care of developing the standards and are the true drivers of the DVB progress.

Televés reconognises some of its own brand traits, like the international vocation, the search for technical excellence and the compromise with the distribution of broadcast television as a means to access culture content and achieve social particpation. 




New products, new communication

Communicating the release of new products via email has become a strategic tool for Televes.

Therefore, during last year, information has been generated in 5 different languages for a variety of new products.
So far this year, the most significant products have been:

 zAs Hbb (511501)  DAT HD BOSS 790  T0X DVB-S/S2 - COFDM with SID control (563199)  T0X remux (564101 and 564201)  Fiber Optic distribution range  PicoKom with anti LTE/4G filter  Twisted pair cables  Q-BOSS   LTE/4G filters  Operator coaxial cables  NanoKom amplifiers  VHD790  H30   

Available at: New products


Televes en el mundo 


4-6 JUNE (Köln - Germany)

The demanding professionals that attended the Cologne Expo from 4th to 6th June, at the 2013 edition of ANGACOM, gave a warm reception to the Connected Home concept presented by Televes. This visionary platform uses a state-of-the-art console to control a wide range of services, highlighting the Sociomedical Teleprevention application targeted for our elderly.

Also highly rated were the global launch of the new H30 handheld meter and the ease of installation and the speed of the Coax-Data system.

Matthias Dienst, recently incorporated as Managing Director of Televes Deutschland, highlighted “I was impressed to observe the international strength of the Televes brand, reflected by the flow of visitors at our stand. The impact the brand has achieved in Germany makes me very optimistic for our business development in the market”   


8-14 June (ORLANDO)

The annual conference and exhibition, held June 8-14 in Orlando, Florida (USA), was the perfect scenario for Televes to present the line-up of HDTV/QAM Encoders and the H30 meter.

Javier Ruano, Televes USA Managing Director, was also gladly surprised with the enthusiastic response to the CEA classification of the Diginova antenna as violet in UHF and light-green in V-High  



FAQs - Preguntas frecuentes

Interferences in your TV due to LTE/4G

In the presence of LTE/4G interferences, how can you adapt the TV system to avoid this type of problems?


The spectrum analyzer H60 identifies the presence of LTE/4G signals and estimates the need to fit a LTE/4G filter. Simultaneously, it will indicate which is the most adequate Televes filter, based on the measured input signal. It is also possible to choose amongst the different Televes’ filters and simulate what the performance of the system will be if a particular filter was fitted  

More information on:






Popular architecture


Our tower sections are one of the most versatily products in our range. Just check what the Rois family (A Coruña - Spain) has done. They will enjoy their garden thanks to a tower section from our 180 range  


Hablando de ... 

Interview with: Jesús Ferradáns
General Manager of Gamelsa

“International markets represent 42 percent of Gamelsa sales ”



Gamelsa is the metallurgical arm of the Televes Corporation. Jesús Ferradáns, the firm´s General Manager explains that the company specialises in the “design, development and production of metallic structures through the processes of puncturing, laser cutting, folding, soldering, assembly and superficial finishing”.

The capacity to integrate the mechanical and electronic technologies, as well as the profound knowledge of tubing and sheet metal transformation processes, are distinct values of Gamelsa. Ferradáns also recognises “flexibility to adapt to evolving markets” as a trade value for the company.

A team of qualified engineers and latest generation machinery are some of the other keys that have allowed the Gamelsa brand to grow quite rapidly: precise finishes with exact pieces, economical and just in time, as well as the ability to undertake complex processes, giving customers a wide variety of solutions.

These traits place the company in a good position to compete in international markets, a challenge being met with success. “Exterior markets currently represent 42% of direct product sales. Out of the 58% making up the interior turnover, about 80% is later exported by our customers as well”, points out Ferradáns. Russia, France, Germany and Central American countries are the main destinies for Gamelsa products beyond our borders.


"Gamelsa is presently developing systems for renewable energy, such as eolic generators with horizontal axis, energy accumulators, LED industrial lighting, vending machines integrating point-of-sale terminals, Digital Signage compounds”, Ferradáns explains.

The company´s General Manager trusts Gamelsa will close important manufacturing and distribution agreements in the russian, german and italian markets in the short term. This would confirm that international vocation, a key strategy of the Televes Corporation, also becomes second nature to its metallurgical division  




Analyze the performance of digital terrestrial signals

The analysis of the performance of DTT signals depends on several factors that include things like the broadcasting quality, the quality of the TV reception system and the performance of the TV distribution system, including the performance  of the set top box or integrated digital TV.

The broadcasting regulator in Portugal (Anacom) published last May a report with regards to the surveillance and monitor of the use of the spectrum in the scenario of the DTT transition that was carried out between January 2011 and March 2013.

The reports concludes that in 37.42% of the cases, there was a discrepancy between the field tests and the information supplied by Portugal Comunicaciones, LTD (PTC).  2.32% of them were due to fault finding and/or maintenance work that lead to a suspension of the transmissions. 

BER: Signal with high error rate (interference-prone)

Mainly, with a 62.58%, the origin of the DTT reception problems was due to a poor TV system fitted in the households that claimed there was a problem, being inadequate (antenna pointed to the wrong transmitter, for example) and/or of a poor quality (damaged or faulty cables and connectors).

ECHOES: Echoes identification

It is well known that not all the installs are carried out by professional installers, in order to avoid having problems with DTT reception.

Nevertheless, it is the professional antenna installer,  the qualified person that can fit and point an antenna in order to achieve the best possible incoming signal, he should also choose the adequate amplification system to meet the requirements of the installation and also choose the best possible coaxial cable as well as the terminal loads so that the chances of getting any interference are minimized (for example LTE/4G interference). 

The measuring equipment has become a must have with the introduction of DTT. The measurement of the Bit Error Rate and the analysis of the echoes are features that a meter should have in order to ensure the uninterrupted TV service

The use of the spectrum is more and more optimized and the most recent example is the digital dividend which requires the protection of the TV frequencies from those of other technologies like LTE/4G. The poor quality of the cable lead between outlet plate and TV could be enough to jeopardize the uninterrupted TV service   



Sabía que ... Televes’ editions training since 1976


Training has been one of the pillars of Televes’ success. Together with the presential training in our training facilities, the main tool for training and promotion of our technolohy have been the different books published so far.

These are industry recognized texts and have been instrumental in the industry specific training carried out in schools, colleges and universities.

From the old communal antenna system act, to the birth of Satellite TV or the deployment of Digital Terrestrial TV, all these events have had a reflection in the publication of “Televes’ editions”  




12Vdc amplifier for the Diginova

Until now, in order to amplify the TV signal coming from an antenna with BOSStech in a caravan or boat, meant that we needed mains in order to power the TV system (antenna + amplifier).


With the launch of the NanoKom range of domestic amplifiers, we can now power a system like the above with 12 Vdc.

These amplifiers have a built-in power input that transmitts the voltage at the  power input to the antenna connection  






Sierra Electricidad from Calatayud has installed two FTTC (Fiber to the curve) networks in two towns in Soria (Spain). This system has given these towns access to DTT services, Satelllite TV, broadband, CCTV as well as an locally generated  COFD

M channel.

The equipment supplied by Electricidad Guerra includes a headend of T0X COFDM regenerators for the reception of DTT,  T0X DVBS2-COFDM modules and T0X optical transmitters; all the modules include remote supervision and configuration through the Headend Management unit.

The TV signal is distributed in fiber to the optical nodes and from there several sub-networks and sub-headends are fed.

The data services are distributed using the coaxial network with CoaxData units.

It s outstanding installation together with the combination of different technologies: fiber, coax, data and TV, makes this installation an extraordinary example of technology integration  






Brilliantly small, 
technologically large 

With innovative USOS, user selects the desired output level and the device adjusts automatically its gain to overcome signal variations on the aerial, and thus maintaining its output level at the selected value.

Ch60/Ch69 switch activates the filtering against LTE/4G, so these amplifiers can be used in all types of situations and signal conditions.