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Info 2 (September)


  • General divulgation: Televes poland +
  • FAQ: Fiber optic connectors  + 
  • Products news: Omni-Nova BOSS +
  • Your pictures: The intelligent antenna +
  • Ideas: Installation adjustment with the line C/N +
  • Real installations: Headend of the Barcelona Olympis Stadium +
  • Training: DTT reception and fading efects in the coast  +


Televes poland

Televes Poland has its head-quarters in Wroclaw, which is one of the nation's leading bu-siness centres and also enjoys a privileged position as a logistics hub, linking major national and international transport routes.
Poland offers an attractive do-mestic market with 38 million consumers, a strong economic growth, low unemployment rates and favourable conditions for investment, especially in our field due to the OTT deployment and the hotel infrastructure develop¬ment, boosted by the UEFA European Football Championship that Poland organizes with Ukraine in 2012.


DTT: the challenge ahead. Poland has been the last European Union nation to start the transition to digital terrestrial television (OTT), a process which will not be complete until July  2013.
Thanks to the major role played in the successful analogue switch-off all over Europe (Spain, France, UK, Italy, Germany, ...), Televes is ready to provide its experience and techno¬logical know-how to the process in Poland.
With its own sales and technical team, Televes Poland will follow


the Corporation's strategy, based on providing integral solutions for  domestic and SMATV installations (multi¬dwelling units, hotels, etc) as well as for CATV and broad¬casting operators, giving a good service to its partners (per¬sonalized training, fast and professional technical support, efficient logistics, ...).
Televes Poland is the latest pillar in the multi¬national structure of Televes Corporation, which already has subsidiaries in eight other countries: Portugal, France, Germany, UK, Italy, USA, China and UAE. Taking advantage of its geographical location, historical and cultural links, Televés Poland should become a platform for the expansion of the company in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lituania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus


Omni-Nova BOSS

The BOSS (Balanced Output Signal System) technology provides many advantages to the antennas, remarkably improving the Quality of the signal they receive.

Already implemented install the DAT HD BOSS antenna with proven success, it was very easy to develop it into the rest of the high-end antennas that is how the Omninova BOSS antenna is born. Combining its Omnidirectional radiation diagram with the advanced BOSS technology, it




guarantees the best signal all the best conditions for distribution on boats m d caravans

Corrects the signal fluctuations, auto adjusting the Output level to the optimal value, independently from the input variations the  signal reception will remain protected against fluctuations, in a transparent way for the user.
The evolution of the number of channels is not important. At the antenna output the


spectrum will be: without intermodulation, without noise, with the best possible BER and the E/N optimized. The antenna adjusts itself to future channels.
Adapts itself to the received signal level, when the installer fits
It, he does not have to worry about the inputs level as the antenna
Guarantees the most adequate output to the received signal
Keeps the Output level independently from the radio electric
Spectrum in the moment of installation
As it is omnidirectional, it doesn't need to be aligned



Fiber optic connectors

The fiber connectors are identified by two acronyms: one referring to the type of connection and the second one referring to the size and polish of the fiber ferrule
The attached figure shows several connectors, Fe, ST, LC or SC depending on the type of connection and the PC (Physical Contact) and APC (Angle Physical Contact) polishes.




Although compatible at first sight, they could lead to network failures, including total loss of signal for example, you cannot connect a fiber with a male SC/PC connector and a device with a female SC/APC connector, as the signal is completely degraded
The compatibility between fiber connectors must consider connection and polish


The intelligent antenna
We coufd never guess what this DAT HD BOSS has done wrong to be 'punished' against the wall.
Luckily, despite its installation, its BOSS Tech stiff provided the best possible signal!





Installations adjustment with the line C/N

Despite the analogue switch-off, analogue signals (the most sensitive to noise) can be very useful as a pattern to evaluate the quality 01 an installation or to adjust it, specially headends, cascade amplifiers or even fiber optic links.
To do that you can generate an analogue channel and measure the line C/N with your H45. The highest line C/N value assures


the best  transmission conditions in the network.
In the specific case of an optic link, the input level on the transmitter and the receiver gain are parameters that, although they have to be calculated, can be adjusted using the line G/N of one of the analogue channels generated by the headends





Headend of the Barcelona Olympis Stadium

The European Athletics Championships 2010 took place in Barcelona.
Two companies, Telecommunications digitals d' alt nivelt, SL and.Antenas y Telecomunicacion RX sat, SL have provided the CCTV headends of the Olympic Stadium, implementing the transmiition to DTT with TELEVES equipment




DTT recption and fading efects in the coast

The phenomenon consisting in the power variation of TV signals due to the alteration of the propagation conditions in any section other path between the transmitter and reception site is called "fading " This is a typical effect in the coast where ter1lJEmture, humidity and tides generate different propagation conditions in terrestrial and marine sections, especially during the summer due to the higher evaporation in the trajectories over the water
Adding the overlapping of signals coming from multiple transmitters (multipath effect), the quality and stability of the signal become very poor. This is the reason why it is very importantt to find solutions that minimize both effects, The report on which is based this article shows the facing md echoes phenomena suffered by the population of San Pedro de Alcántara Marbella (Over 700 peope in summertime) that receive 1'1 signal from San Roque, Marbella, Mijas and Sierra Lújar transmitters, almost aligned and transmitting in the same frequencies (SFN network), The figures below show the day evolution of the signal in the location marked in red, samples of one SFN channel taken approximately every hour, from 10 am. The irregular behavior of the signal coming from the different transmitters is cleat1y shown.



The figures show how when nights falls, the temperatures drop and the signal recovers its stability, However the better propagation condition, increase the multipath (echoes) effect and the receivers continue having seriously problems, the DATHD Boss, designed to reduce the impact of echoes and to maintain the output signal stable independently from the input variations, is the antenna with the best features to minimize both effects.
The measurements taken in the 


test site with a an antenna well positioned in the market, and the DAT HD BOSS with the BOSS Tech not activated and activated, were:

If the results with the BOSS Tech not activated are already good, with its activation the signal quality is clearly improved.
Power levels equalization,
Stable and strong signal
MER improvement.
Echoes discrimination improvement. The impact other signals from San Roque dissapears
Measurements made with the DATHD BOSS show its high capacity to minimize the impact of echoes and to absorb large fluctuations caused by fading, thereby improving signal quality significantly.