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InfoTeleves 20 (October 2013)

Logotipo InfoTeleves


  • General information: We have the winner of the iPad mini +
  • Televes in the world: Televes attends Hotelshow and Futura fair; and TRedess attends IBC +
  • Your pictures: The DAT HD for “fishing” a good signal +
  • Talking about...: GCE has achieved a greater impact in international markets +
  • Did you know...: the Televes’ LNBs have been awarded by the German magazine SATDIGITAL? +
  • FAQs: Why should you install the Televes’ passive multiplexer in data networks? +
  • Training: Automatic certification of an optical network +
  • Ideas: The COFDM-COFDM regenerator as a content filter +
  • Facilities: Grand Hotel Quisisana en Capri (Italy) +
  • New product: Channels à la carte with T.0X +


 We have the winner of the iPad mini

Televes congratulates Mr.  Andreas Jung, in Germany, as the winner of the H30 Sweepstakes. 

The iPad Mini prize was presented by Televes Deutschland´s Sales Director, Mr. Steffan Bunz at the facilities of Alexander Bürkle GmbH & Co. KG, in the city of Pforzheim.

The H30 Sweepstakes consisted in a free query through the months of June and July where more than 1.000 participants voted for their favourite feature of the H30 field spectrum analiser:


  • Light and robust
  • Digital Processing engine
  • Comprehensive package of functionality
  • Remote control and measurements

Comprehensive package of features and functionality, with  38% of the votes, closely followed by Remote Control and Digital Processing.

Mr. Jung was randomly selected amongst the voters of the winning option in an event celebrated at Televes headquaters.

Andreas Jung was deligthed when notified of the prize and stated that “the H30 meter has been a professional companion in  QAM installations since the product was first launched”.

Steffan Bunz appreciated Mr. Jung´s fidelity and stated that “Televes Deutschland has big growth plans for the H30 in Germany”  


 Televes en el mundo 

(Dubai, UAE) 28-30 september

Televes took part in the largest Hospitality event in the sector for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia markets, showing the latest solutions for IPTV distribution through the T.0X headend. Digital Signage and satellite and IP transmodulation to COFDM caught the attention of the professional audience at the show  

(Salzburg, Austria) 19-22 september


The trade fair for consumer and professional electronics where traditional COFDM distribution has a starring role.   Televes led the show displaying the DAT HD BOSS aerials, the full line of QSD dishes, as well as the new features of the H60 and H30 field spectrum analysers   

(Amsterdam, Holland) 13-17 september

The IBC show stands at the forefront of technological innovation, where  for the fitfh year TRedess excelled presenting the complete lineup of Gap Fillers and echo cancellers, including the new 140 Watt transmitters   


FAQs - Preguntas frecuentes

Why should you install the Televes’ passive multiplexer in data networks?
There are others, but only the Televes’ multiplexer is in compliance with CAT6

The installation of a data network at home has to be consistent with the quality required by these types of services.

The 546501 passive multiplexer is CAT6, in compared to others in the market that hardly   carry out CAT3. A not CAT6 multiplexer causes a loss of benefits and problems in the certification of the installation.

8 telephony outputs and 1 for ADSL. It provides continuity between Dispersion Network (by pair cable or twisted pair cable) and User Network (always a twisted pair network).  

It enables the certification of a data/telephony network.

    • Two possible ways of mounting to facilitate their connection.
    • LSFH lead with CAT6 male RJ45 connectors.
    • CAT6 female RJ45 connectors for the ADSL input and output.
    • An internal ADSL filter in each of 8 telephony outputs.
    • Designed for the future coexistence with a “Router”  






Some people never run risk, not even when they go fishing.

From southeast Italy, we received this picture: a fishing boat, far from using a specific antenna, uses a DAT HD... perhaps the best guarantee to “fish” a good signal  


Hablando de ... 

Interview with: Luis Lestón
General Manager of GCE

“We have achieved a greater impact in international markets”

GCE Multilayer is a company dedicated to the manufacture of printed circuit boards.  As Luis Lestón, GCE General Manager, points out, “it was founded in 1988, as a project to become knowledgable in the complex environment that surrounds all aspects of the electronic manufacturing sector”.  To embark in such a task, GCE has had to endure a heavy industrial and human resource investment process that in the end has allowed to position the company in the vanguard in its niche activity. 

Oddly enough, while most technological companies choose to outsource in the asian markets seeking cost reductions, GCE Multilayer has never contemplated such move. “Thanks to the high level of automation and the rigorous computerised controls to all manufacturing process, we are able to be extremely cost efficient and compete with asian markets”. 

The corporate values of GCE Multilayer are based upon three pillards: constant innovation, relentless pursue of quality control and continued investment in human knowledge. “These factors alone” adds Mr. Lestón, “have resulted in a surge of product presence in international markets, both through Televes and other customers”.  “We are proud that of our products placed in installations in Portugal, Saudi Arabia and the USA, mainly“. 

GCE Multilayer not only manufactures printed circuit boards, it also develps optical automated inspection machines, or electrical cicuit testing machines with centering camaras, amongst others. Some of the products are now taking TV signals to homes all over the world. 

The firm´s director has a clear view of the near future: “focus on international product placement that requires highly manufacturing techniques and thorough quality controls and guarantees”. This vision is impregnated with the DNA of the Televes Corporation to which GCE Multilayer belongs    



Automatic certification of an optical network

The certification of an optical network implies the generation of three signals (wavelength) and the independent measurement of each one.

An equipment consisted of the OPS3L light generator (ref.2340) and a H45 / H60 strength field meter with Selective F.O. Interface (CWDM Filter), allows the automation of the measurement without having to repeat the same process for each wavelength..

The first step in the certification of an optical fiber installation is to calibrate the light generator and the meter. 

Once the meter knows the emission optical power of the generator, the result of the network optical attenuation is the difference between the calibration value and the received power value in the measuring point.

With other equipment, calibration and measurement must be done for each wavelength (1310, 1490 and 1550nm). Using the 2340 generator and a H45/H60 meter with selective optical interface (CWDM Filter), this process must be done only once.

After calibration, both devices must be placed at both ends of the worst line (see application 5 and figure 6) 

Example of application   




Sabía que ... the Televes’ LNBs have been awarded by the German magazine SATDIGITAL?


The Televes’ converters range 7475(SINGLE), 747802 (TWIN), 747701 (QUATRO) and 761001 (QUAD) is the winner of the LNBs analysis made by the German magazine SATDIGITAL.

A score of 89% that results in a“sehr gut”, very well.

    • The best in reception parameters, we have got 46,5 of 50.
    • A 8,5 of 10 in “finished product” (the second ones, the first ones got 9).
    • The best in technical specifications, 9 points of 10 .
    • The packaging quality got 4 points of 5, the second best (the first one had 4,5 points).



regenerator as a content filter


From TUK (Televes UK), we propose this idea that has meant a considerable commercial success.

The regenerator ref.563401, traditionally applied in decryption and/or regeneration of DTT signals, can also be used as a content filter. 

With the ability to edit the “transport stream”, this module can remove services from one received multiplex, generating a new DTT channel with only those services that the installation owner considers interesting.

In the United Kingdom, these modules are being used in special facilities (hotels, schools, hospitals, etc.) to remove adult content and home shopping channels   



Grand Hotel Quisisana in Capri (Italy)

At the heart of Capri, close to Piazzetta, stands since 1845 the Grand Hotel Quisisana, a legend in the prestigious Italian hotel tradition. This 5-star hotel combines luxury with a relaxing atmosphere, all in a unique setting.

In the desire to offer guests the best service, the hotel management has decided to update the TV content, replacing the analog channels by a T.0X digital headend. 

The headend consists of 8 DVBS2-COFDM (563101) modules and 1 DVBS2-COFDM (564201) with re-multiplexing. It is able to generate channels from 11 satellite transponders.

The professional set is completed with 4 DVBS-COFDM CI (563304) modules to decrypt payment services, and also with a Digislot system to distribute up to 14 A/V signals in the DVB-T format    




 Channels à la carte with T.0X
(SID edition and DiSEqC)

The new features of SID edition and DiSEqC make the T.0X transmodulators ideal modules for generating on demand contents without having to retune the TV.

Two features of particular value in hotel headends or CATV networks   





Remotely configurable satellite channels à la carte 

DVBS/2-COFDM and DVBS/2-QAM transmodulators with remultiplexing incorporate the DiSEqC protocol. Thus, services in the output may come from several satellites, generating a channel selection à la carte.

And all this, with remote control.