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InfoTeleves 26 (October2014)

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  • General information: Quality options at a reasonable price+
  • Televes in the world: IBC  (Amsterdam), SCTE CableTEC  (Denver)    and The Hotel Show (Dubai) +
  • Your pictures: A very uncommon common area +
  • Televés manufactures: The underestimated role of the outer housing +
  • Did you know...: The manufacture of masts was not always an easy process? +
  • FAQs: Can I use different Coaxdata versions in the same facility/system? +
  • Training: Televes completes its range of field meters with the new H30D3 +
  • Ideas: How to create .ts videos with TSCreator to use with Digimod Modulator Ref. 554902/552912 +
  • Facilities: Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama - USA) +
  • New product: Smart apps +


Quality options at a reasonable price

Televes has recently launched two new types of cables, SK100 and SK110. These two types meet A+ standards with ease and therefore are a good choice for transmitting multimedia content, as well as used in those installations return channel, SATV and/or collective systems.

Their inner conductor is made of copper and they’re trishielded. The average screening attenuation is about 100 and 110 dB, respectively. This ensures a high protection against interferences. Both cable’ structure and the raw materials used guarantee the best electric/mechanical features. Along with CXT1 (2127xx), SK6F (4148xx) and, of course, TOP-SK2000(4138xx) these two new references complete the range of Televes’ high quality/affordable price range.


The SK2000PLUS cable has recently been certified by dipkom


SK2000 has recently been verified by the German agency DIBKOM, again emphasizing the excellent features of this cable.
The wide range of possibilities of Televes’ products will allow to connect the cable in the safest way. Installing the plugs without the need of any tools is possible when using the robust FSI2000 (382701) connector.

Parallel to this, Televes has also launched a set of coaxial cable reels + decoiler for all the 100/250m SK range 




Televes en el mundo 

(Amsterdam) 12-16 September

TRedess ensures its position in the international market. The new range “Fourth Series” was officially launched this year; it includes a new architecture that allows to deliver higher power to both transmitters and gap-fillers 

(Denver) 22-25 September

Televes has seized this annual date to introduce the new H30D30 field meter which features DOCSIS 3.0 and also it’s presented the new ClearQAM encoders


The Hotel Show
(Dubai) 28-30 September

Televes’s highlighted the significant growth of the Hospitality sector within the area. It was also the occasion to launch the new Nemesis Set Top Box, designed and manufactured by Televes specifically for the hospitality needs




FAQs - Preguntas frecuentes

Can I use different Coaxdata versions in the same facility/system?
All the Coaxdata devices are fully compatible


All the Coaxdata devices are fully compatible. The new CoaxData Gigabit devices can operate in those systems where older versions of CoaxData (200 Mbps) are already installed. The only point to be careful with will be the Transmission  Mask, since it shall be the same in every device.

By default, CoaxData 200 Mbps devices use “Mask1”  and CoaxData 1Gbps use “Mask3”.

As shown in the image below, the CoaxData Manager software can be used to choose between the  transmission masks









A very uncommon
common area

Andrew Brace from “GB Satellite Installations”, South Africa, sends us this odd image. Strangely enough, there is a reason for it: there were no more common areas within this 50 apartment complex than the gardener’s lavatory. Rumour has it that the TV channels change whenever someone flushes the toilet






Hablando de ... 

The underestimated role of the outer housing

In a highly technological device, such as the H30, field spectrum analyser, it is easy to focus the attention on the features provided by the Digital Processing capabilities, or to focus the value on the small size and light weight of the tool, but Televes has also invested much research on the role that the outer housing and cover has to provide to the end user.

The challenge is to achieve a plastic finish that will meet stringent design specifications, protection, grip and sensitivity. It is very difficult to find a single plastic material with these characteristics, so Televes incorporates a double-injection technique in the manufacturing process. To a first injection layer of ABS an additional layer of PP-EPDM is added. This material is thermoplastic and has an elastic structure that is specifically formulated by Televes to obtain the perfect fusion between the two layers injected.

The result is a finished design that protects the valuable electronics within the H30 from bumps and small falls, allowing good recovery of the deformation caused by impact. The finished product fits perfectly in the hands of the installer with a rubbery touch and superior grip





Televes completes its range of field meters with the new H30D3

H-Series, the high-end professional solution for every purpose.

With the new H30D3 Televes completes its full range of field meters, to fit every purpose along with the already known H45 and H60.

Specially designed for cable operators, this meter can measure both analog/digital, audio/video signals. It can also measure DOCSIS 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, BPI and PBI+. As in the rest of HSeries, these measures can be set automatically or manually.
Among many features, with the H30D30 you can perform level measures, MER, Pre and Post BER and speed tests of DOCSIS channels.

It has a 2,8 inch display that features an intuitive user interface and also the already known “Traffic Light” to interpret the results. If the device is connected to the Internet, It’ll automatically download the latest software to keep updated.
Another remarkable feature is its robust,  injection-moulded ABS casing, a weight of 510gr and measures 175x100x52mm.
The display provides a resolution of 400x200 pixels.

This small sized, light meter can be used with only 3 keys and a capacitive touch button.
This small sized, light meter can be used with only 3 keys and a capacitive touch button





Sabía que ... ...the manufacture of masts was not always an easy process?
In the early 60s, Televes needed to use specific machines to reduce the diameter of the ends of a mast and fit them into the next section. This process was very intense physically: the vibrations and shocks produced were so strong that the worker who was operating with the machine  was forced to use a belt strap and anchor himself to it, to prevent the powerful backward force from loosening the mast





How to create .ts videos with TSCreator to use with Digimod Modulator Ref. 554902/552912

One of the best valued points of this range of modulators is the possibility of streaming video/audio files from a USB source, modulated into a DTT multiplex.

To use this feature, the software tool TSCreator is required, which is available to download from  Televes‘ website (version

This version also includes an important highlight: the user can replace the previous modulated channel (either A/V or HDMI) for the one from the USB source without the need of rescan to get the new channel.






A brief explanation of how to use it and the necessary software is available at:



Bryant-Denny Stadium (Alabama - USA)

After a recent expansion of the University of Alabama football stadium, officials selected Televes’ Clear QAM HD Encoders to provide in house television distribution for over 1100 televisions. With 14 channels of critical digital signage and 10 channels of full HD content to be distributed throughout the entire stadium, the system was needed to be fully functional in short order before game day.

Officials say with the easy setup, top quality picture, and MSO grade RF output, this speedy and on-time installation was a great success. Everyone was very pleased with the Televes installation and the fact that this was accomplished with such little effort and on such a tight schedule. Beyond the highly successful installation, Televes saved game day, with over 101,000 fans pouring into the stadium, and all the TV’s on before the game, a problem occurred on the distribution plant just one hour before kick-off.

wo virtual channels, on a single RF channel, were apparently being interfered with.
The stadium team, with the spectrum analyzer on a Televes H45, was able to quickly find that the culprit was a wireless headphone system on the same frequency and the stadium team was able to eliminate this source of interference making sure all of the fans had a great TV and digital signage viewing experience throughout the stadium.

Officials were thrilled that Televes “scored twice” and saved the day for all their fans





Televes Smart Apps

Take under control all your facilities
using your mobile device


Download the Smart Apps of Televes for free
Configure your T0X modules with the free Televes Smart Apps
from your tablet or smartphone whilst saving time spent.
You can also leave your H30 meter connected to a headend and configure it remotely.

Basic configuration on smartphones and advanced configuration on tablets.
Please consult the list of compatible references on: