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Info 9 (December)


  • General informaction: Wind Power Expo: Televés demonstrates its potential in the market of towers +
  • New product: Minikom New Range +
  • FAQs: Peculiarities ofthe ampli er5396. How can you control aLNB?  + 
  • Your pictures: Managing t target the tv transmitter  +
  • Ideas: The advantages of 19 inch cabinets +
  • Real instalations: Installation in the arena of Gdansk (Poland) +
  • Training: Televes makes available to the hotels the best solution to integrate on their televisions all the satellite FTA contents via a DTT installation. +



Wind Power Expo: Televés demonstrates its potential in the market of towers

With its successful participation in the international Wind Power Expo, Televés has given a giant step to consolidate its position in the market of the towers. The event took place at the Exhibition Centre between 27 and 29 September.
The Aragonese institution trade fair organized the exhibition Wind Power Expo, which reached its eighth edition, together with Solar Power Expo, Power Expo + and ExpoRecicla, thus gathering a remarkable representation of the principal business of the renewable energy fi eld. The formula allowed to rendezvous professionals from 39 countries, with over 8,500 visitors, according to organizers.
And there was Televés. With a well designed and crafted stand, a catalog according to the needs of customers and the presence of well qualifi ed staff to highlight the value of most signifi cant technical aspects.
Knowledge and experience
Televés has a long tradition in the manufacture of towers. More than 25 years ago began to design, manufacture and market small antenna towers, and gradually began to increase the technical complexity of these products, to mark a milestone in 2001 with the completion of its fi rst tower of 81 meters of the series 600.


A subsequent redesign allowed to reach 102 meters high in this model.
In Wind Power Expo 2011, Televés gave a very important step to consolidate its position in this market by providing a catalog aimed at the wind energy business, which meets the current requirements.
Wind power developers and installers increasingly demand installations of greater height, more competitive in price and easier to assemble. And Televés proved that its new range of braced towers, fully meets these requirements. It consists of ten basic models, with heights ranging from 39 to 120 meters, all of which benefi t from a manufacturing process using an automated assembly line, a process that increases product reliability, while reducing the time customer delivery.
The new towers of Televes increase their resistance against the most adverse weather conditions, are characterized by a new type of removable fi ttings that improve its anticorrosion treatment and facilitates assembly and maintenance.
Advanced software
From Televes stand in the Wind Power Expo, also worked to highlight the importance of the new calculation software used for


the design process.
This software allows to simulate different confi gurations and multiple factors affecting the viability of each project: wind speed, terrain, topography, and so on. All of this meeting, and in many cases exceeding, the highest standards of quality and safety, including standard TIA 222-G U.S. and European standards EN 1990 (Basis for the calculation of structures), EN 1991 (Actions on structures) and EN 1993 (Design of structures of steel).

Televes staff present at the show worked intensively with leading wind power promoters (e-On, Acciona, Gamesa, Vestas ...) and leading installers. Due to the potential of this niche, it also was taken into account the manufacturers and installers of domestic use small wind turbines. All of them were informed about the company’s ability to perform customized studies for particular structures required to be installed


 Minikom  New Range

We presentthe new Minikom range of ampli erswith new features and improvementsresulting fromourdevelopment experienceand the invaluableinformation that ourcustomer networkprovides.With these improvementswe hope to satisfyall needs thatdemandTV facilitiesin the new scenarioofterrestrialDTT.
There are a number of improvements to share all these ampliers, and, depending on the reference, other modi cations particularized for each of them.
In general, shared improvements are:


Split-band ampli cation to improve the output voltage without interference between VHF and UHF.
Attenuators in each of the inputs, implemented through PIN diodes (0-20dB).
Automatic powering of pre-ampli ers at 12 Vdc in all inputs. It can
be disabled by means of an external switch.
Ability to select low or high gain using an external switch.


 The following table shows the equivalences between the extinct and new references

Ref. nueva Ref. que sustituye
537302 5373
539104 5391+5386
539201 5392
531201 5312+5395




Peculiarities ofthe ampli er5396. How can you control aLNB?

The reference 5396 is an ampli er with 4 inputs and one output + test, split-band ampli cation with all the bene ts that entails, avoiding interference between VHF and UHF, and allowing a higher output level.
The peculiarity of this ampli er is that allows receiving terrestrial and satellite signals, and control the polarities of LNB from the domestic receiver.
The amplier can power preamps to 12 Vdc from all its inputs.
This powering can be canceled by


a switch located at its rear.
But, How can manage the LNB this amplifier?
1. From your domestic receiver, you can select the desired polarity by enabling the tensions12 or 17 Vdc.For this purpose, position theswitchSW1in REMOTE.
2. Only a  xed polarity can be selected. For this, theSW1 is positioned inLOCAL, resulting inconstant12 Vdc that are sent to theLNB,and thus sets theverticalpolarityfor thatvoltage



Managing t target the tv transmitter

All installers know that for an antenna can receive TV signals, must not have obstaclesbetween it and the transmitter.
The circumstances surrounding the installation of an antenna can be varied and the search for the transmitter free of obstacles forces to sharpen the senses. This may be an example of how to solve the problem, although this mast has to do an exercise in contortion worthy of a circus.
Needless to say that, with acollective MATVinstallationin the building, you can avoidsituations like this.




There are many advantages offered by Televés with such cabinets for headends. They are offered preassembled and tested, turn-key, to be directly installed at its final destination.
On the robustness of the cabinet, allied with the ease of installation, it is possible to remove the side doors, and thuseasily accessible anywhereinside. Incorporating wheels, allowing greater mobility at the time of installation and subsequent maintenance.
The placement of 1 height unit (1U) blank panels greatly greatly facilitate the configuration of the headend,and make the racks can be adapted to any setting.
It is a professional solution. The assembly is performed by quali ed personnel. All racks are factory tested and adjusted so that the

intervention of the installer is the minimum possible, while ensuring a high level of reliability. On the other hand, the preparation of the cabinet does not imply any extra cost to the customer.. REMOTE CONTROL FOR THE INSTALLED HEADENDS
By installing our TSuite software, the headend can be re-programmed remotely, adjusted to the changes in the programming of the operators without having to travel to the headend in its location.


These assemblies are designed to evolve with the needs of the market, at any time.


All connections are made inside the cabinet and converge into a single output, checked and adjusted for the distribution of the signal in the network.
Technical assistance is available “on-line”, or in the same work if that were necessary.


Installation in the arena of gdansk (Poland)

Trias projected installation, engineering and integration of AV events, with the collaboration of Audax as a distributor.
The aim of this complex facility is to overcome, by means of optical  ber, the distance between the box of ticket sales and the stadium.
The installed system ensures the delivery of signals to the headends of the stadium.
In this case, the color of the Televés brand is also a perfect complement to the stadium. Gdansk is a city that is always associated with amber, whose characteristic colors have been adopted in the construction of the spectacular stadium, which was o cially opened this year with a match between Poland and Germany. The stadium will be one of the venues for the Euro2012.

The installation consists of:
2 1100 × 7572 o set antenna
2 x 2353 optical LNB (Astra and Hotbird)
2 × 2350 MDU QUATTRO
2 × 5x16 Multiswitch
1 x DAT HD 149501
1 × 5326 Avant 3
1 × 8674 Optical Transmitter
1 × 8675 Optical receiver
3 x Lightning Arrestor



Televes makes available to the hotels the best solution to integrate on their televisions all the satellite FTA contents via a DTT installation.

Here are some possibilities among many options o ered a solution so exible.
For FTA HDTV channels broadcast by satellite, install a T.0X DVBS2- COFDM transmodulator Refª. 563101 per package of channels that you want to con gure. With a single power supply can power up to 7 modules.

Similarly, you can access a wide variety of international channels on various subjects, and the picture quality of a broadcast DVBS2. Simply contact a quali ed installer to install the headend, and a whole world of possibilities will reach:


English-language channels such as CNBC, BBC; in German as ZDF, 3SAT, RTL, Eurosport, ...; in French as TV5 Monde, France 24, France 3 Sat, ... etc.; channels in Italian asall of the Rai broadcaster.
And, if the question is to plunge into the world of DTT, Televés also offers all solutions for its reception, in any format of quality for TVs with or without integrated digital tuner, FTA or PPV.
Come to the world of Televés, and share with us the bene ts of an extensive program ofchannels with the best quality picture and sound:
A single remote control unit to watch FTA satellite channels and all the national and regional DTT.

No subscription fee.
TV  exible and customizable to the pro le of its customers and in all rooms.
No works. Easy installation without interruption of services to your customers.
This system also provides remote con guration and management, thanks to the Tsuite software application, o ering the possibility of maintenance or con guration changes in real time