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InfoTeleves 51 (June 2019)

General Information

Smart Assist, the technological project in the social and health care field that helps disadvantaged groups, comes to an end

The innovation project Smart Assist has come to an end. Conclusions were presented on April 25th in Madrid, at an event in which we participated together with the Social Technologies Foundation - Tecsos, the Vodafone Spain Foundation, the Polytechnic University of Valencia, and the Spanish Red Cross, together with several entities supporting people with functional diversity.

The Smart Assist project explores how the Televes social and health care solutions can help the most disadvantaged groups among the groups with functional diversity

From its beginnings in September 2016, Smart Assist has developed ubiquitous, intelligent, and usable remote assistance solutions to help the elderly who need care, the people with functional diversity, and the people with special needs, as well as their carers.

As part of the project, the final users themselves were involved in the design and result validation through focus groups with the stakeholders, and in the installation in 25 homes of elderly and/or people with functional diversity.

Smart Assist is aligned with other Televes projects in the social and health care domain, such as the ACTIVAGE Project, Carelife, and Sisens; it explores the use of new generation technologies to help the most disadvantaged groups.

Our people

Guillermo Fernández, responsible for international business development in the Hospitality field

What is your job in Televes?

I am responsible for the expansion of the success of our solutions for the Hospitality sector. I work with the subsidiaries in identifying opportunities, taking advantage of synergies and defining products.

How long have you been working for this company? How was your career path in Televes?

I joined the company in 2005. The company was looking for someone in the Export department to work in markets where it didn’t have any subsidiaries. South Africa and the Czech Republic were some of my first targets. In September 2008 I took up the management of the United Kingdom subsidiary. It was a very interesting period, since it happened during the analogue switch-off and the first digital dividend, and we set a milestone when we won the tender for LTE provision. In 2018 I took up my current position. Committing to Hospitality is a major strategic step for the company, and a big challenge for me.

In Televes, people is not only highly qualified, but also highly committed. There is a strong sense of belonging

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job?

The fact of working for a multinational company that has always relied on manufacturing its own product, involving people with multiple profiles, trained locally and with know-how in multiple areas. We compete on a worldwide level and remain faithful to our brand values. We do not think we are better than everyone else, but not worse either. Seeing that work produces results and learning on a continuous basis is very satisfying.

And what is the hardest?

Having to travel so frequently. I spend between six and eight months per year away from home. It is difficult to combine with family life.

What are, in your opinion, the essential values of our company?

Addressing the challenges without hesitation and being eager to undertake the projects. In Televes, people is not only highly qualified, but also highly committed. Furthermore, the company is very much as a family. All this contributes to a strong sense of belonging.

Tell us about an ongoing project you consider important.

My project consists in bringing Hospitality solutions to new markets. The United Kingdom, France and Germany are the current priorities, but we still support the rest of the subsidiaries. Hospitality means stepping out of our comfort zone. We need to deal with new technologies and interact with new client profiles. I am an optimist, because people are motivated and believe in the project.

Televes Corporation

Televes Italy celebrates its 15th anniversary

Despite the brand being present in the country since the 90s, Televes Italy was founded in 2004. Two people are in charge of the company from the very beginning: Hugo Botas, Managing Director, and Luigi Salonia, Sales Manager.

“We commit to commercial seriousness, pre and post sales services, and the training of installers. Daily effort has helped us differentiate in the market”, Hugo says. Some of the milestones of the Italian subsidiary are linked with the Hospitality solutions for three large football clubs. Thus, the modern Juventus Stadium is equipped with Televes technology, as well as the training centre and the headquarters of the honoured Turin team. Likewise, both Milan teams, A. C. Milan and Inter respectively, have Televes’ equipment installed in their headquarters.

“From the sales perspective, the 2008 analogue switch-off gave us a significant boost”, Luigi Salonia recalls; he also highlights the effort carried out to distribute the product, not only through the specialist channel, but also through the electrical equipment stores.

In 2017 the new Televes Italy headquarters opened, 20% larger than the previous. The investment allowed to carry out monthly training courses and workshops, and to improve customer service. Currently, 95% of the orders are delivered within 48 - 72 hours.

In this 15th anniversary Televes Italy managers have a clear message:
“Thank you to all our clients, friends, employees and partners for your daily support and for sharing our Passion for Quality”.

Product news

BEXIA antenna for the 2nd Digital Dividend

An indoor antenna with the features of an outdoor antenna

Bexia is an antenna specifically designed for the indoor DTT reception that provides the features of an outdoor antenna. Thus, it is equipped with a BOSS (Balanced Output Signal System) intelligent system capable of optimizing the level of any received signal and providing a steady television service irrespective of fluctuations. In addition, this intelligent system was improved with the new generation TForce technology equipped with a SAW filter, that provides excellent interference-free coverage (4G and 5G) to an indoor antenna.

For areas where transmission is carried out in mixed mode, the antenna independently adapts the VHF and UHF levels, balancing the DTT signal.

Conceived to be installed within the home, the modern and elegant aesthetics match any decorating style, while providing installation freedom (standing, wall mounting...) thanks to the very thin profile and the folding base.

Furthermore, mounting is very quick and simple: thanks to the multidirectional reception (360º), it does not require steering. It just needs to be connected to the television set and powered through USB; to do so, the TV USB port itself or a conventional mobile phone charger (5V) may be used.

Despite the low power consumption in intelligent mode, in homes with a good DTT signal the antenna may also be used in passive mode, thus not requiring any powering.

BEXIA antenna for the 2nd Digital Dividend

2 powering options

1: With the mobile phone charger
2: Using the TV set


Emergency situation notification in Televes IPTV, ArantiaTV systems

ArantiaTV is Televes interactive television system (IPTV), and gives the system administrator the option of integrating the alarm system in the IPTV installation, among other functions. By doing this, and through a NO/NC voltage-free contact, we may send all the television sets in the installation a command to display a specific message in case of alarm.

The ArantiaTV management tool allows personalizing the message to be displayed on the TV sets, defining the contents (images, audio, text, etc.), setting the alarm volume, blocking the control panel keys, automatically switching on the displays, etc.

This functionality may be applied to multiple scenarios, for example, for ships and cruises where emergency situation notification is essential.


What is the difference between CCA and Cca cables?

When it comes to checking the technical characteristics of coaxial and data cables, you may find the “CCA” abbreviation in the specifications. You should distinguish between CCA and Cca as explained below:


This abbreviation refers to the material type of the cable’s inner conductor (Copper-Clad Aluminium). Compared with copper or copper-plated steel, two of the most widely used materials, it provides low performance and high electric resistance.


Since July 1st 2017, the materials used in construction have to be identified in compliance with the CPR (Construction Product Regulation) standard.

The Cca identifier refers to the reaction to fire Euroclass of the cable material, in this case a high-protection cable (low fire hazard) equipped with a sheath that prevents the flame from spreading

What is the difference between CCA and Cca cables?

Coaxial cable: SK2015plus
(Ref. 4149xx)

What is the difference between CCA and Cca cables?

Data cable: U/FTP
(Ref. 219301)

Televes facilities

Transmediterránea’s ship “Villa de Teror”

The ferry built in the Vigo shipyard Vulcano is equipped with an IPTV system from Televes (ArantiaTV), which was integrated by the company Iris Redes y Comunicaciones, and provides interactive TV services to the 170 rooms of the ship.

The main equipment consists of an Arantia HE-21 headend with Lite Middleware, a management tool, DVB-T/T2/S/S2 inputs, integration of the alarm system with the entertainment service, and STBs.

Televes in the world

ANGACOM (Cologne, Germany), 21st National Hospital and Health Management Congress (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and ALTENPFLEGE (Nürnberg, Germany)

ANGACOM (Cologne, Germany) June 4th - 6th

A very relevant milestone takes place this year in Televes Corporation and ANGACOM 2019 meets all the conditions to offer the scoop. Televes has already exceeded 1,000,000 integrated components (dies) equipped with MMIC technology mounted in its cutting-edge premises in Santiago de Compostela. The capability to design and mount this type of integrated circuits provides the company’s products some functional capacities that are difficult to match. We have reasons to celebrate, and we sincerely thank all friends that have visited our stand, with whom we shared all the novelties in TV distribution, infrastructure for Hospitality and Hospitals, social and health care services, and LED professional lighting summarized in this year’s slogan "Think ahead, think Televes".

21st National Hospital and Health Management Congress (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) May 8th - 10th

During the SERGAS (Galician Health Service) box experience, we presented two of our main technological developments in this sector before more than 300 speakers and experts: the hospital multi-parameter monitor and the advanced remote assistance system Carelife, complemented with an integrated network infrastructure and intelligent furniture for all patient services, nursing, staff, and hospital operation.

Altenpflege (Nürnberg, Germany) March 24th-26th

Focusing in our technological solution Carelife, to integrate social and eHealth needs to bring a new generation of care for independent living and for caregivers. We are also showed our innovative multiparameter monitor for nursing care therapy, and advanced solutions for hospital telecommunication infrastructures (IPTV solutions for Health).


Avant X

How can I configure the V/UHF filtering in my AvantX with the programmer?

The AvantX programmable multiband amplifier is equipped with 32 digital filters and is able to filter up to 4 consecutive channels per filter. Due to the amount of filters, the configuration differs from previous models; it now depends on the inputs rather than the filters.

Despite the multiband amplifier being very easily and intuitively programmable through an Android-based application (*watch video), it may also be programmed using the well-known Ref. 7234 programmer.


To access the first input configuration we just need to press INITIAL INPUT CHANNEL (upon selecting the power supply for each input)


To select the input channel, we have to first press and then select it with the appropriate keys.


Channel processing

In case we wish to configure more that one channel simultaneously (up to 4 channels per filter), we just need to press and select the new channel using the keys and .


By default, the output channels are the same as the input channels. In case we wish to modify those, we will have to press to access the output channels, and select the desired channels using the and keys.

New CHANNEL to be filtered

Filter 1
Filter 2

Finally, to access a new filter for programming, we shall press again to position ourselves at the beginning of the filter, and then access the new filter to be configured by means of .

Don't miss it!

New software version of MOSAIQ6: 1.23

From this version on, the spectrum configurations (Span, reference level, RBW, VBW) will be stored when the equipment is switched off.
The following features are worth highlighting:

  • New analogue TV measurements: CTB, CSO, and HUM (option 596203).
  • Web option to edit the optical/RF attenuation quality profile and the user profiles.
  • Possibility to set the MacroLog recording interval to 1 second.
  • Optimized web representation of logs, and log export into XLSX and PDF files.
  • Various improvements: System Scan, spectrum and optical attenuation representation, etc.


Already more than 1.000.000 MMIC dies mounted in our products