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InfoTeleves 53 (December 2019)

General Information

A more complete and user-oriented website

As part of the company’s digital transformation plan, we updated the Televes website in November. The purpose of the new site is to continue improving the efficiency and integration of our brand’s communications and marketing tools so as to reach all of the its friends and followers more directly and in a more personalized manner.

Our website now has a new navigation tree and a more powerful search engine, making it easier for users to find what they need and locate the products they are looking for.

The option to create an account allows users to register their meters and stay informed on the latest Televes products and solutions based on their individual areas of interest.

Our website now has a new navigation tree and a more powerful search engine

The website’s main menu shows the TV distribution, professional LED lighting, and hospitality business areas.

It also has links to the microsites dedicated to the top products and solutions, such as the Ellipse antenna, the MOSAIQ6 and H30Evolution meters, and the company’s wide range of professional LED lighting solutions, among others. And of course, it provides access to information about the company, tech support, and the press room.

The website design is based on the most advanced usability and user experience criteria and is optimized for use on different devices. It also has links to Televes social media accounts on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

We invite you to discover all of this and so much more at

Our people

Eugenia Carballido, Head of Digital Transformation at Televes Corporation

What is your job at Televes?

I am responsible for analyzing, designing, and developing software applications aimed largely at Gainsa management systems. Gainsa is Televes Corporation's IT services company.

I am currently working on the Digital Transformation project, auditing the implementation and integration of tools and applications with a focus on standardization, which guarantees that a solution will adapt to any current and future ecosystems.

How long have you been with the company? Could you describe your career at Televes?

I started working for the company in 1999 as a software developer with a university scholarship. I then became an analyst and later a project manager. The experience that you accumulate over the years allows you to acquire a global vision of a project’s implications for the entire organization.

The commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology boosts teamwork and people's commitment

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Being part of a department whose mission is to provide solutions to the benefit of all areas of the company, so that it can work more efficiently. I also value being in constant contact with innovation and having the freedom to choose between different technology options. My profession requires me to constantly stay up-to-date and that means avoiding comfort zones.

What about the most difficult?

Making deadlines and prioritizing the workload is tough in and of itself, but in our field incidents requiring immediate resolution can arise. It is an added stress that one simply has to get used to.

What do you feel the key values are in the company?

The commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technologies, always contributing the necessary resources. This is encouraging and boosts teamwork and people’s commitment.

Tell us about a current project that you feel is important

Undoubtedly, the one I mentioned previously, the Corporation’s Digital Transformation, a process we started four years ago. Although it should be noted that it is not a transformation in and of itself, because Televes has always been a digitally mature organization. It's more a matter of driving our adaptation to a rapidly-changing environment. Within this broad project, I would highlight the tools that we are developing to support the digital marketing plan.

Televes Corporation

Specialized engineering design and simulation services

The Televes Corporation’s ample experience developing highly innovative solutions to convert communications infrastructure in residential and non-residential buildings into multi-service platforms for users has allowed it to take a giant leap toward providing third parties with electrical engineering design as well as simulation services and turnkey solutions ranging from design to production.

Televes Corporation offers electronic application design and development services, including RF and microwave subsystems as well as digital systems, paying special attention to behavior from the power and signal integrity standpoint, which is fundamental for high-speed digital design. It also is able to provide electronic system thermal analysis. Our goal is to provide highly innovative turnkey electronic design solutions by leveraging the simulation capacity of the most advanced EDA tools such as ADS and CST Studio Suite.

Powerful capacity for RF and microwave system simulation

European Microwave Week 2019, which took place in Paris at the beginning of October, served as the setting for the debut for our engineering and simulation services.

We shared our flexibility in services from customized MMIC design in III-V technologies to a wide range of antennas, dipoles, plugs, reflectors, and electronic steering arrays. We also included amplification systems, from low noise amplifiers to power amplifiers with asymmetric Doherty technology, and passive components such as filters, couplers, multiplexers, etc., and even full subsystems.

Product news

H30Evolution field meter

All the functions you need now on your phone

H30 series field meters have continued evolving to adapt to a constantly-changing world. The latest innovation is the H30Evolution, a meter that, in addition to all the functionalities of its predecessor, the H30FLEX, offers a significant set of new features.

Who isn’t using their phone for almost everything these days? With the H30Evolution you can also use it to measure and analyze signal. Its revolutionary Wi-Fi-based multi-screen system allows users to replicate the meter screen on any mobile device (Android, iOS, or Windows) to remotely control the meter or simply view the data on a larger screen. It is now possible to wirelessly access the meter from different parts of the facility, with all the comfort of using your own device.

The multi-screen mode also offers the possibility of viewing HEVC (full HD) signal on a mobile device with compatible hardware (1).

Since it has Wi-Fi and bluetooth connectivity, you can use the WEB management app on your smartphone or tablet, where you can consult and edit channel plans and user profiles, export measurements, etc.

When the meter is connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), it automatically detects new software versions available and notifies the user so that they can decide whether it is the right time to update the equipment.

Wi-Fi not only enables all of this remote access, but it also allows the meter to fully analyze the Wi-Fi band (2.4 and 5 GHz) and deployed networks (1).

Another new analyzer in this series of meters is the IPTV, which demodulates and analyzes unicast and multicast flows, showing services’ most important parameters (1).

The H30Evolution also provides several benefits for satellite diehards. Guided satellite steering uses a common transponder to streamline satellite dish pointing. And its compatibility with Wideband LNBs (250-2300 MHz) does away with another obstacle in DVB-S/S2 analysis.

All of this in a compact and lightweight multistandard meter that can also be personalized with downloadable options (with license), allowing its capacity to be increased without replacing the device.









Multistandard meter with revolutionary functionalities

(1) Wi-Fi analyzer, IPTV, and HEVC Viewing not included as standard (optional functions) / * Smartphone not included


Where can I download the .ldt files to use DIALux with my lights?

Lighting design software relies on the photometric and physical characteristics of the equipment to be able to view its behavior in both indoor and outdoor spaces. The one we use at Televes is DIALux, a free software that works with Eulumdat files with the file extension .ldt. These files are the European format equivalent to .ies (American standard) files and they allow the correlated color temperature (CCT) and the color rendering index (CRI) to be introduced.

The DIALux planning tool makes it possible to, among other things, store the fundamental lighting parameters for a light (number of lights, luminous intensity, light distribution curve, size of the light, etc.). All Televes light files can be downloaded in a single .zip file from the PROFESSIONAL LED LIGHTING section of the official website ( Once that folder has been downloaded the desired file/plug-in must be downloaded to the DIALux design software and then it will be possible to analyze the behavior of the light in question.

The files/plug-ins can also be downloaded individually from In this case, you’ll need to know the reference for the Televes light in question.

Televes facilities

Altea Hills development, Alicante

The prestigious Altea Hills development located on the Costa Blanca, in the southern part of the Valencian Community in Spain, enjoys enviable views of the Bay of Altea, protected by the Sierra de Bernia mountains.

This development is lit with LED lights involving a first stage of over 1,100 Retrofit modules, which are on the bottom half of the hill on which the development is situated. The line dividing the sodium vapor lights and LED lights is quite discernible at night. The light pollution of the old lights and their tone contrast with the sharpness and clarity of the new lights that have been replaced.

Agustín Vilar Lledó from the company Electricidad Vilar, who is leading the project’s implementation, summarized the action as “improved efficiency without compromising style, thanks to custom manufactured retrofits.”

Televes in the world

19th National FENIE Conference, UNIRED Forum, COIT-AEIT Smart Building Conference, etc.

This quarter was quite a diversified period in which we attended multi-sectoral and international events in our top business areas.


19th National FENIE Conference (Santander, Spain) 10 october

Training spaces, true speakers’ corners, where talks were given on issues of interest to professional installers.

UNIRED Forum (Madrid, Spain) 17 october

Debates on the challenges and opportunities entailed by #5G. Our general strategy manager, José Luis Fernández Carnero, participated in the round table on new service development paradigms. 


COIT-AEIT Smart Building Conference (Madrid, Spain) 17 october

José Luis Pineda, Televes sales director, presented telecommunication network case studies for buildings with advanced service infrastructures for the hotel industry.


Smart and healthy lighting 4.0 (Vigo, Spain) 26 november

Televes presented 5G solutions for remote management of public lighting.

Concreta Exponor (Leça da Palmeira, Portugal) 21-23 november

Large stand where we presented the company’s full range of indoor and outdoor lighting.


EuMW 2019 (París, France) 2-6 october

Televes Corporation presented its electronic application design and development services, including RF and microwave subsystems, with simulation capabilities through EDA tools such as ADS and CST Studio Suite.


AMETIC Digital Economy and Telecommunications Meeting (Santander, Spain) 2 september

Santiago Rey, Gen. Dir. of Televes Corporation took part in the debate session “The digital re-industrialization of the industry”, defending the need to seize the opportunities offered by digitization to strengthen the industrial world.


Galician Skyway (Madrid, Spain) 11-12 september

Phase I follow-up meeting for the Galician Skyway project, where practical demos of the developments made by each member of the consortium were presented.

I Foro Tencológico de @Foro Economico de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 10 october

Santiago Rey debatió sobre la situación de la economía en la comunidad la transformación digital y sobre retos para las empresas como la transformación digital y la aplicación de tecnologías disruptivas.

ACTIVAGE (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 18 september

Workshop for exchanging ideas between patients, users, caregivers, nurses and care management. The users expressed feeling cared for, less scared of not knowing the technologies.

RIES 2019 Forum (A Coruña, Spain) 23 october

Meeting focused on the Silver Economy and promoting active and healthy aging, where the keys to the ACTIVAGE project were presented, as well as the experience of its users.


Int’l University Career Fair (Vigo, Spain) 22 october

Organized by the Universities of Porto, Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, and Vigo. , we explained the employment and professional development opportunities at Televes to the students and young graduates.

Talentia Summit 2019 (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 23 october

Large meeting of professionals focused on the careers to promote the development and recruiting of talent and understanding the impact of digital transformation.


Electric Arc Fusion Splicer

Advantages and new features of the new professional electric arc fusion splicer

The new Televes fusion splicer (Ref. 232105) now has mirrorless fiber detection technology, which improves lens protection. This upgrade optimizes maintenance as mirrors no longer have to be cleaned.

This new model has a larger screen (4.3” LCD) that is also horizontal, allowing operators to see all the operations done with the equipment much more clearly. This upgrade includes an increased size of the sources used (x4), which, along with a new interface with only 3 submenus, creates a much more operator-friendly work environment. Even with the larger screen, this new fusion splicer, is almost 14% lighter than the previous model.

Thanks to a new fully optimized hardware, the most common operations take much less time: powering on (10 seconds faster), fusion splicing (3 seconds faster), and baking (9 seconds faster).

To make work times as efficient as possible, this equipment includes an automatic oven. Baking is carried out by simply inserting the fiber (no need to press any buttons).

Another notable characteristic is the duplicated power connector (on the battery and the splicer). On the one hand, the splicer can be used without the battery (in the event of battery failure), and on the other it allows the battery to be charged separately (if the user has more than one). This change also led to the modification of the location of the battery removal button (now below the screen), thus preventing it from being pressed accidentally.

It should be noted that the new model also works with USB: records logged (up to 10000) remain in the splicer's internal memory. If users wish to download them, all they have to do is connect the splicer to a PC via USB cable (included with the unit) and open the “RECORD” folder. Software is also updated in this way. The update file must be transferred from a PC to the root folder of the splicer and then it must be disconnected from the computer and restarted in order for the update to be installed.

Another new feature, which appears in the fusion process when the fibers are seen on the screen is that the zoom is automatically increased (x2), allowing the core adjustment to be seen more precisely.

Finally, the new characteristics include:

The double LED light makes working in areas with low light easier and reduces operator eye fatigue. The tripod adapter is another new feature that allows the splicer to be worked with in locations that do not have stable support surfaces or when the equipment must be maintained at a certain height.

Don't miss it!

New SW version for MOSAIQ6: 1.29 and ASuite now available for PC

New SW version for MOSAIQ6: 1.29

This new software implements the following new features:

  • 700 MHz (5G) band analysis option on LTE Check (designed for the second Digital Dividend).
  • Logs in the Wi-Fi analyzer.
  • Improvements in the  management of the Wi-Fi analyzer.
  • Improvements in password management with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Lack of connectivity indicator with an icon in the top bar.
  • Ability to select time zone.
  • Improvements in the constellation diagram and display of distant echoes.
  • Improvements for demodulating a DAB channel with echoes.
  • Side menu stays open when changing RBW and VBW in the spectrum.
  • Improvements in reproducing audio.
  • Bug fixes.

Enjoy the ASuite application, now available for PC

This tool makes Avant 9 and X simple and intuitive. All you have to do is connect a conventional USB-micro USB and run ASuite!

Program the Avant in an easy and intuitive way


Ellipse Intelligence taken to the limit