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InfoTeleves 54 (march 2020)

General Information

From digital transformation to cultural change

Every company must be prepared to act early and launch evolution and transformation processes. Our world is immersed in the fourth industrial revolution, a global process of change driven by new technology.

At Televés, we are facing this scenario with our digital transformation plan. With digitalization, all our management processes and tools are integrated with the business and allow us to be closer to our clients and partners. We can also measure the return on investments and be better connected and coordinated. That transformation also entails a commitment to the industry 4.0 model with the Corp4Future project. With this project, we are making progress toward the idea of a hyper-flexible factory, while also taking a qualitative leap in productivity and efficiency.

The objectives are to continue being leaders in our traditional sector of operation, consolidate our penetration in niches like the healthcare sector or professional LED lighting, and enter into new markets, such as aviation, automobiles, and energy.

Cultural change means integrating our values and a traditional method of doing things, in addition to the contribution from incorporating into the company young talent and disruptive technology

But the digital transformation does not only have technological, financial, and operational implications, but also an veritable cultural change. At Televés, this current cultural change means integrating our values and a traditional method of doing things, such as our manufacturing vocation, passion for quality, committing to and working closely with clients, in addition to the contribution from incorporating young talent into the company. This talent is connected to disruptive technology that we need in order to seize the future success we want.

The cultural change at Televés also means continuing to promote innovation and knowledge generation, shaping work environments that are progressively more flexible and interdisciplinary. We adhere to all of this while not losing sight of our raison d'être: our clients and partners, our environment, our people

Our people

Daniel Dios, Director of Industrial Property and Innovation Management at Televés

What is your job at Televes?

To bring value to every innovation produced at the company by registering patents and industrial designs in the markets where we have commercial operations. Televés has been a reputable brand for years and is registered in more than 100 countries. It’s not just about registering, but also asserting our rights when there are illegal copies or patent violations Controlling all of that is not easy, but we have the support of our clients and our large commercial network. I always communicate to them that they can contact the Industrial Property department directly if they notice infringements.

How long have you been with the company? Could you describe your career at Televés?

I joined the company in 2005 and started working in R+D project funding. In 2015, I became responsible for Industrial Property. The department has grown and we have launched a uniform strategy for every market. We try to use external resources as little as possible because we are the ones who best know what situations can harm us and we focus on them.

Our work serves to bring value to the company’s catalog of products and solutions

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

Being able to protect innovation at Televés from much larger companies and being aware that our work serves to bring value to the company’s catalog of products and solutions.

What about the most difficult?

Sometimes we have to face difficult processes with tedious legal proceedings. There are difficult markets, such as North Africa and China where imitations are extremely common. It’s not always possible to eliminate illegal copies, but we limit their impact, communicating to the market the idea that Televés means quality.

What do you feel the key values are in the company?

Commitment. Here, people are always willing to work together because they understand the impact.

Tell us about a current project that you feel is important!

We recently received the European patent for our T3 MMIC TForce circuit. We even had to present to a board of experts in the Hague with in-person statements. The process was long and difficult, but it ended successfully.

Televes Corporation

Televes is launching a pilot project with the Bavarian Red Cross to implement Carelife™ in the German market

Televés has reached an agreement with Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (Bavarian Red Cross) to launch a pilot project that will be used to implement Carelife™ in the German market. This important step in internationalization of the product comes after having received certified validation of the strength and reliability of this advanced e-Health solution under the framework of the European project ACTIVAGE.

Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz is a leading healthcare service provider in Bavaria. Partnering with it will serve to adapt the German market to the care model for senior citizens or dependents that Carelife™ offers.

To implement the pilot project, 20 homes will be equipped with sensors that will be used to monitor each person’s daily activity, analyzing their habits and routines to establish rules that define potential risk scenarios, which can automatically activate assistance resources, thereby complementing the traditional emergency button.

Carelife is a smart system based on telemonitoring that autonomously analyzes a person’s health and well-being. The system has the ability to learn. In other words, it is able to become familiar with a person’s habits and knows how to interpret them. Carelife provides caregivers with all the information needed to properly assess each situation, make the right decisions, and provide the necessary support. amily members will have access to the information in real time to ensure their peace of mind. All this will be implemented while providing the maximum protection for the privacy of the persons receiving care.

Product news

IP streamers: Change your beat with all the pluses of the T.0X headends

Change a TV DVB signal to IP to watch content over an Ethernet network

In recent years, technologies have appeared that have entailed a significant change in how we socialize and our way of enjoying entertainment and free time. Among them is the convergence of IP technology (Internet Protocol) and digital television, which has caused expansion and growth in the access to television content over the internet. This new situation shows the current importance and need to be familiar with the Visual IP Experience.    

Several systems and technologies have appeared that are used to access television content over the internet. Among the most notable is IPTV, which requires the installation of new headends comprising IP encoders and streamers.

Televés continues to expand its IPTV solutions, which are highly valued in the hospitality sector, by launching on the market the lines of IP streamers to distribute DVB-S2 signals, which will be followed by other standard signals like DVB-T2 and DVB-C. These devices will provide DVB content through an IP output to distribute the services over an Ethernet network.

Additionally, an alternative is offered in the streamer range that is used for safe distribution of content using re-encryption with DRM solutions (Pro:Idiom currently and Samsung Link in the future).

Thanks to its T.0X format (5U rack units), it has all of the benefits of the modular headend series that stand out as a fast, compact, reliable, and ecological system. In fact, these streamers can be combined with other T.0X modules and particularly IP encoders that digitalize audio/video contents (HDMI).

To configure them, these streamers offer a very intuitive embedded user website that can be connected to via WiFi or an Ethernet cable. Although each module can be programmed separately with the master module feature, an entire headend can be configured. Any of these streamers can be the master. It will therefore automatically identify the other modules and will show a highly visual graphic representation of the entire headend.

Among the multiple features that this user-friendly web interface offers is cloning of headends, which makes it possible to replicate standard configurations in other facilities. Thanks to the multiple service introduction, the installation time has also been streamlined. And the generation of reports provides information on the status of the headend (or specific module), which is very valuable for tech support.

Did you know...

Congratulations on the 25th year of your professional career

Commitment and good work are the main values needed for people to realize their professional careers at the same company. At Televés, we are proud of everyone celebrating their 25th year with us. Thank you for your dedication and reliability.

  • Ana María Mirás Gómez: Administrator from the Export Department
  • Francisco Lema Rodríguez: Telecommunication Engineer from the Subsidiary Support Area
  • Juan Carlos Rego Sampedro: Manufacturing Operator
  • Luis Javier Vara Rodríguez: Commercial Agent for Northwest region


What program to use to program Avant units?

In addition to the Universal Programmer Control Device ref. 7234, Avant units can also be programmed with a PC or an Android device (only Avant6, Avant9, and AvantX).

You will need specific software and an adapter cable depending on the Avant model you are going to program.

For Avant5, AvantHD, and Avant7, the program to use is TSuite (only PC) and the adapter cable will be the one from kit ref. 216801.

For Avant6, Avant9, and AvantX, you can use the ASuite software (PC and Android) and an A-Male to Micro B cable. If using Android, the phone or tablet must have OTG (these devices are provided with a USB OTG Micro USB cable.

Additionally, for Avant3 made after 2010, our own Avant 3 software (Only PC) should be used with the adapter cable from kit ref. 216801.

o request the software for PC, send an email to:

Download and learn more about ASuite:

ASuite programar las centrales Avant6, Avant9 y AvantX
ASuite programar las centrales Avant6, Avant9 y AvantX

Televes facilities

Hotel Robinson Club, Cabo Verde

On Sal island, Cabo Verde, the expansion of the Robinson Club was opened in December 2019. It stands out for its prime location on an 8km beach where water sports are the main draw.

A FibreData system with ArantiaTV was installed to provide service to 317 rooms, 16 of which are suites. Two OLTs (and a third for backup) use GPON to provide WiFi, phone access, and IPTV to the entire resort.

The integration company WiCOM installed and configured the system.

Televes in the world

FEI 20XX Program, CES Las Vegas, Enxenio Awardsm, etc


FEI 20XX Program (Vigo, Spain) 18 december

Held in the conference hall at the Advanced Technical School of Engineering. Nuria Figueira, HR development supervisor, and Javier Augusto Gonzalez, technology project supervisor, shared Televés’s vision on the value of human capital in multidisciplinary teams.


CES Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA) 6-9 january

Televés participated in the quintessential tech event, presenting the advances in TV signal distribution led by the TDT Ellipse and BEXIA antennas. Televés uses TForce technology in its solutions for Over-The-Air (OTA) content.


Smart and Healthy Lighting 4.0 (Vigo, Spain) 2 december

Ignacio Seoane, Product Manager of Professional LED Lighting, presented the theoretical characteristics of NB-IoT technology, as well as the benefits and challenges of implementing it, at a conference in Vigo.

Galicia Global 2019 (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 18 december

Santiago Rey Requejo took part in one of the discussions at the third meeting organized by AED at the City of Culture. It was a spectacular space to exchange viewpoints on the challenges of our companies and our society. 

Trafair Project Presentation (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 24 january

Xosé Luis Fernández Carnero, general director of strategy at the Televés Corporation, participated yesterday in the presentation of the European Trafair project, which works on understanding traffic flows to improve air quality. In addition, the University and City Government of Santiago de Compostela, the Supercomputing Center of Galicia (CESGA), and other institutions also participated.

Enxenio Awards (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) 24 january

Very proud of being distinguished by the Official School and Association of Specialized Telecommunication Engineers of Galicia (COETTAGA/AGGETT) with the Enxenio Award for the leading Gallego company in the sector. Santiago Rey received the award on behalf of all the employees.


Configuration of a T.0X IP streamers headend

Fast, easy, no need for programs, and you can use PC, Tablet, or Smartphone

Each module has an intuitive embedded configuration interface accessible through WiFi or Ethernet.

All the references can generate up to 32 IP SPTS outputs. They also have a CI slot to insert a CAM module which can be used to decodify encrypted services.

Multiplexers are set up on a web interface that can be connected to either through Ethernet or WiFi using adapter kit Ref. 216802.

To connect via Ethernet, the IP address of the module in question is needed. By default, this code is different on each unit and is printed on the rear label of each device.

The PC’s IP address must be configured on the same subnetwork as the module with an Ethernet cable. Connect the PC directly to the module’s ETH1 port. Open your web browser (Firefox or Chrome are recommended) and go to the URL “http://<module IP>”.

The WiFi connection can be made by connecting the adapter kit (ref.216802) to the micro USB port on the front, which creates an open WiFi network with an SSID that will have a “Televes_mng_XXYYZZ” format and must be connected to. To access the configuration webpage, the URL “config.t0x” must be opened in the web browser.

The default credentials to access the device are: Username: web
Password: admin

The control interface is divided into the following areas:

  • The menu bar is shown to the left. (Status, Configuration, Advanced)
  • The upper right-hand section shows the language selection.
  • The middle section shows the different control forms based on the menu selected.

Configuration of a T.0X IP streamers headend

For ref. 565740/565701, the main parameters to configure are:


  • Input preamplifier power (0,12,24V).
  • Channel table or frequency mode selection.
  • Input channel or frequency.
  • Input bandwidth (1.7, 5, 6, 7 ,8 MHz).
  • PLP selection in the event multiple PLPs are detected in the input (only DVB-T2).


  • Output encryption.(OFF/Pro:Idiom)
  • Services to distribute in the IP Output
  • IP address and home port, in addition to auto-increase of one or the other.

For ref. 565840/565801, the main parameters to configure are:


  • Activate/deactivate connection.
  • LNB or polarity power.
  • Satellite detection with DiSEqC (A, B, C, D)
  • Input frequency (950–2150Mhz) and baud rate (2–45Mbaud) for each transponder.


  • Output encryption. (OFF/Pro: Idiom)
  • Services to distribute in the IP Output
  • IP address and home port, in addition to auto-increase of one or the other

Configuration of a T.0X IP streamers headend

Don't miss it!

New SW version for MOSAIQ6: 1.31

  • New selectable positioning units for GPS
  • Option to select the range of carriers to represent
  • CAM with IP input
  • Image of the video carrier frequency in a spectrum for analog channels
  • Modification of plans and profiles from the web site without rebooting the device
  • Numerous optimizations: satellite identification, Excel export, m3u list imports, etc.


H30EVOLUTION all the functions you need now in your smartdevice