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InfoTeleves 55 (June 2020)

General Information

COVID-19 draws a new global dawn

Even after the longest and darkest nights, the dawn comes. But the light does not come all at once, but second by second the rays of the sun reveal the shapes of everything around us. The Coronavirus has been one of the longest and darkest nights in the history of mankind, and now that we have reached the first lights of dawn, the recovery of normality will not come all at once.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us personally and economically. At best, we have only seen our routines reduced to a confinement in our homes that has come to seem like deprivation of liberty at times.

And now that we see that light of dawn at the end of this long night, we must set the stage for our new reality yet to be defined, with the lessons learned from this drama unheard of in our lives.

This Coronavirus has made us aware of the need for a prioritized and firm investment in science and technology

This Coronavirus has made us aware of the need to prioritize a firm investment in science and technology. If we have not surpassed the 50 million deaths caused by the "Spanish" flu of 1920, it is simply because of the scientific protocols to avoid infection and the methodologies and devices provided by technology for treatment.

Only when we have set aside physical and ideological boundaries and addressed the problems of this pandemic as a cohesive and committed society have we managed to implement effective measures to combat it. We already knew the concept of globalisation from the economic point of view, now we know it from the real humanistic point of view.

Since the Great Depression of 1929 there have been successive historical cyclical crises, the oil crisis of 1970, the technological crisis of 2000, and the financial crisis of 2008. Now we are living the health crisis of 2020. What will be the next one? Climate crisis? Perhaps energy crisis? Or even worse, another viral pandemic? But the most important question we must ask ourselves as a globalised society is, will we be well prepared?.

Our people

Isabel Quintáns, Head of Occupational Risk Prevention at Televes Corporation

What does your work at Televes consist of?

I am an Occupational Risk Prevention Technician for all the companies that make up Televes Corporation. My work consists of supervising compliance in this area, and I am the contact person for the external prevention service and the Mutual Accident Insurance Company.

How long have you been a part of the company? How has your career at Televes developed?

I joined the company in September 2019, in the final phase of the ISO 45000 certification to collaborate in its achievement. Once it was achieved, I continued to implement all the procedures developed within the management system.

The Coronavirus has affected all the Corporation's processes, exceeding the scope of occupational risk prevention

What is the most satisfying thing about your job?

The relationship with people, seeing that the changes you make have a positive effect, making one work more safely.

And the hardest part?

Without a doubt in our profession the hardest thing is accidents. We work conscientiously to avoid these situations which, although atypical, leave their mark. At Televes I haven't had to experience this type of incident and I'm confident that it will carry on like this.

What do you think are the key values in the company?

Goal orientation, there is a great capacity to develop and achieve these sets of objectives.

How has the current COVID-19 pandemic affected the risk prevention processes in Televes Corporation?

The Coronavirus has affected all the processes of the corporation, going beyond the scope of occupational risk prevention. From the beginning of the pandemic, decisions were made to reduce possible infections within all the facilities: shift changes, teleworking, reorganization of work areas, information to workers, provision of disinfection products... In order to implement all these measures, we had the support of all the departments and the Management of the Corporation committed to the objective of minimizing the incidence of the virus in the company.

Televes Corporation

The value of a planning it sustained in time

With the arrival of the COVID-19 forcing people to remain confined to their homes, many companies have been overwhelmed by the challenge of providing remote support to most or all of their workers, in order to continue their activity as long as the different government directives allowed for the continuity of the business activity.

GAINSA is the IT services company within Televes Corporation that has managed to get its more than 20 companies and more than 800 workers spread out over the world in Europe, the USA and Asia to telework without any interruption in service during this global health pandemic. The keys to the rapid and efficient deployment of Televes Corporation's teleworking infrastructures were based on two fundamental pillars.

On the one hand, the fact that there was already a sustained planning of IT infrastructures that allowed flexibility to be used in the face of extraordinary events. Having opted for a suitable private Data Centre has also led to control and speed in the secure deployment of virtual machines that support the new services demanded by VPNs and network firewalls.

But without a doubt, the most important factor is the GAINSA human team. Specialised professionals who have not only adequate technical knowledge in infrastructures, deployment procedures, configuration and security in remote accesses, but also that intangible part which is so fundamental in times of crisis: commitment.

Product news

FMT Lite

FibreData Monitoring Tool, GPON infrastructure setup and monitoring

The fact that in the past few years guests will remember their stay at the hotel with total optimism is specially related to the Wi-Fi infrastructure and its proper functioning.

The main priority of the property is, among others, to respond to these needs and to be able to act quickly in the face of possible adversities.

Adapting to the situation, Televes presents its new version of the Hospitality infrastructure configuration and monitoring tool, FMT Lite, which is more compact, more economical and designed for a smaller number of devices (up to 128 ONTs).

FMT Lite helps the hotel to give a quick response to incidents, even anticipating their detection.

The platform facilitates comprehensive monitoring of the equipment, including all the functions necessary to provide a complete overview of the infrastructure of a hospitality network, regardless of its technology and centralizing the reception of events.

It provides surveillance of the equipment (HW) and services (SW) that are specified, alerting when the behaviour of this is not the desired. The corresponding managers can receive these alerts via e-mail, SMS, etc.

Those responsible may also generate periodical reports to inform them of the evolution of the network during a specific time.

It is also an essential device during the start-up and configuration of each and every one of the elements that make up the GPON network. Limiting the deployment time and avoiding human errors, propagating the configuration automatically and massively without having to address the configuration of the elements individually.

Likewise, during the life of the project, all updates to new versions, as well as changes to the services supported on the network, can be managed more quickly and automatically.

FMT Lite

Potential views for presentation of information:

  • Device inventory
  • Events
  • Incidence alarms
  • Host and service grouping maps

Full range on FMT:

REF Art. Nr.
769132 RUS FibreData Monitoring Tool Lite:
HW + SW + licence
<128 ONTs
769130 RSU FibreData Monitoring Tool:
HW + SW + licence
>128 ONTs
769131 RSUL FibreData Monitoring Tool:
SW + licence


New functionality for license activation in H30Evolution

In the last update of the H30Evolution application it is possible to activate new licenses for the meter through the App.

After purchasing the licence from a distributor, you will be provided with a card with a QR code and the licence will be activated on the meter through the H30Evolution App as follows:

  • 1. In the "Preferences" menu, select the "Info" option and press the activation button (at the top right).
  • 2. Select the QR scan option and point the camera at the code. If the camera does not read it, you can also manually enter the alphanumeric code under the QR.
  • 3. If you have several meters, you can select which one to enable the option. Enter the serial number and you are done.

Your meter will download the new functionality as soon as you connect it to the Internet (WiFi or Ethernet). Remember that each option can only be activated once and for a single meter.


How much power does my T.oX headend consume?

It is easy to know how many kilowatt-hours (kWh) a product consumes and therefore what expenditure it will have at the end of a given period of time.

1kW is a power unit and a kWh is an energy unit that measures the power in one hour. To obtain the energy consumption of a product in a given period of time (in a day, a month, a year...), it is simply necessary to multiply the power consumed by that product by the unit of time. For example, a product that consumes 5 W (0.005 kW), if connected 6 hours a day, will consume 0.03 KWh, meaning 0.005 kW × 6 hours. A month connected those 6 hours a day will consume 0,93 KWh, i.e. 0,005 kW × 6 © × 31 days, and in a year it will be 10,95 KWh, i.e. 0,005 kWh × 6 hours × 365 days. To obtain the expense in euros that this consumption implies, it is necessary to multiply the price of the kWh that we have with our electrical company by the number of kWh consumed by our product.

Taking as an example the reference 563301, whose consumptions at 24V are the following:

280mA Without feeding CAM or LNB
330mA Feeding CAM and no LNB
500mA Feeding LNB and no CAM
500mA Feeding CAM and LNB

How much power does my T.oX headend consume?

The energy consumed by this module connected permanently for one year would be:

Power of module 563301 feeding the CAM and l LNB = Voltage × Current = 24 volts × 0,54 empires = 12,96 W = 0,01296 kW

Energy consumed in one year by module 563301 (kWh) = 0,01296 kW × 24 hours × 365 days = 113,53 kWh

EXPENSE = 113,53 kWh × XXX EUR/kWh

Televes facilities

Hotel Zahara Beach (Zahara de los Atunes, Tarifa – Cádiz)

The Hotel TUI Blue Zahara Beach is a complex located at the foot of the beach, in Zahara de los Atunes. It is an exclusive 5 star hotel with three types of rooms, 2 swimming pools, 4 restaurants, Chill Out areas, Spa and direct access to the beach.

Telecommunications services (Telephony, Internet via WiFi, CCTV and IPTV) managed by Televes' FibreData and ArantiaTV headends and propagated by an optical fibre network using the GPON protocol.

The integrator NOLU Networks was the company in charge of installing and setting up the system.

Televes in the world

The cancellation or postponement of the main sectoral events

Social isolation measures to combat the rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world have resulted in the cancellation or postponement of the main sectoral events that Televes had confirmed with its star product novelties:

Angacom (Cologne, Germany) may 12-15

GPON fibre optic networks, TV Distribution, Ellipse antenna and H30Evolution meter.
New date: cancelled

Tektonica (Lisbon, Portugal) may 6-9

TV distribution, Ellipse antenna and H30Evolution meter.

New date: october 8-11

Evolving Connectivity (CAI) (Birmingham, UK) april 23

TV distribution, Ellipse antenna and H30Evolution meter.

New date: march 18, 2021

NAB Show (Las Vegas, EEUU) april 18-22

H30Evolution ATSC.

New date: cancelled

Enerxetica (Lalín, Galicia) march 26-28

Range of professional LED lighting, highlighting Urban Maia and Urban Alameda.

New date: pending

IT Partners (París, France) march 11-12

Advanced solutions for the Hospitality sector, ArantiaCast and ArantiaTV.

New date: july 1-2

Light&Building (Frankfurt, Germany) march 8-13

Range of professional LED lighting, highlighting Urban Maia and Urban Alameda.

New date: year 2022


App H30Evolution

What are the advantages?

The H30Evolution has Wi-Fi connectivity that along with its mobile app enhances the equipment with extra functionalities.

The application is compatible with Android and iOS. It is possible to access these functionalities in Windows via the web browser by connecting the equipment to a Wi-Fi network and entering the assigned IP in the web browser of a PC within the same network.

Once the devices are connected to each other, we can start using the following functionalities:

Consultation of Logs

In this function the logs stored in the meter can be managed, you can even display, share or delete them.

Multi-screen access

The H30Evolution multi-screen system allows you to replicate the meter display in your smartphone, tablet or PC in order to remotely control the equipment or to simply enjoy a bigger screen. The installer can always access to the meter from different parts of the installation/system, wireless, and with all the convenience of using your own device.


It allows you to manage channel plans, SCR files, quality profiles and IPTV channel plans.


We will have access to the equipment manual guide, the information about the app and the connected equipment. It is also possible to clone or import the configuration of the equipment, register the equipment and activate options by means of codes.

Don't miss it!

H30Evolution: New FULL model which includes by default all features

We have recently launched the FULL model within the field meter series H30Evolution. This variant (ref. 593505) is the most complete of the entire range, including by default all the features that are optional for the other models.

With all the revolutionary features of an indispensable meter in any installation scenario, this new FULL version offers advantageous options for those professionals who require, from the outset more advanced functionalities.

In addition, it includes a comfortable and robust case, as well as a coaxial lead, to improve the measurement work.

All information on the FULL model and the H30Evolution:

H30Evolution: New FULL model which includes by default all features


New IP STREAMERS with all the T.0X headend advantages