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InfoTeleves 58 (March)

General Information

The keys that help Televes overcome the COVID-19 crisis

It has been a year since a global viral pandemic, called COVID-19, hit us in March 2020, almost without respite and perhaps changing our lives forever.

The evolution of infections and loss of life has been documented daily in the media, with such insistence and detail that it leads to anguish and dismay in society.

Collateral damage in certain sectors of the economy is still to be fully assessed. However, here at Televes, as well as more than 20 companies that make up the Televes Corporation, we feel fortunate because telecommunications services, as they are considered essential, have allowed us to continue with our activity. Although this has been largely affected by the restrictions on access to homes and buildings of the professional installers we serve. Needless to say, we believe that the keys to our stability in these times of pandemic have been supported by a strategy of market diversification and technological solutions that we have been designing for decades.

Technology diversification leads us to launch DATACOM as a new Televes business area

Internationalization and diversification of business areas.

Not all countries have applied the same restrictive measures, thus, our international subsidiaries and our export department have been able to complement the effects on certain markets.

But above all, diversifying our solutions into complementary technology market niches has been essential to underpinning current stability and drafting a scenario of corporate growth for the future.

Therefore, in addition to the Hospitality area for network infrastructures in hotels and hospitals, the Professional LED lighting for intelligent public lighting networks, and the Social health care system for advanced teleassistance and telecare solutions, we must now add DATACOM, our new business area focused on structured cabling and networking solutions in homes, businesses, and the Hospitality sector.

Televes Corporation

Televes launches Datacom

New business area for structured cable and networking products
Televés launches DATACOM

Hugo Botas - DataCom Business Manager

In the past several years, the strong demand for broadband access services and increased data use, in addition to new regulations in the sector, have meant that telecommunications installers are now facing new challenges. And they require more knowledge to provide comprehensive solutions in residential or business environments to implement data networks with all the guarantees.

Each solution type requires specific experience and language. That is why it is necessary to have a partner with guarantees and experience who knows how to take advantage of synergies. No one understands this as well as Televes, which is why we launched the DataCom area, with a corporate structure dedicated exclusively to data networks for professionals.

Specifically designed for home, business, and hospitality sector facilities, with DataCom you will find all the tools and professional equipment needed to install your structured cabling and networking.

The DataCom area will be headed by Hugo Botas, a professional in the industry with more than 25 years of experience in Televes, including the management of United Kingdom subsidiaries for eight years and later in Italy for sixteen years. Hugo Botas provides a global vision of the business, with proven ability to provide solutions for our customers’ needs, and supported by a sales network such as that of Televes, with the most qualified technical expertise on the market.

With DataCom, Televes offers a presence in specialized sales points and consortia across Europe, providing a wide range of industry knowledge, with the customer at the center of its growth strategy.

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Televes Hospitality consolidates itself at the pace that RIU Hotels expand

Televes Hospitality consolidates itself at the pace that RIU Hotels expand

In the year 2018, an agreement was signed for the provision of GPON + RF Overlay solutions in the new projects and renovations of the RIU Hotel chain. The first installation was made at the RIU Hotel called Don Miguel de las Palmas de Gran Canaria with 285 rooms.

The relationship between RIU Hotels and Televes has been founded on the trust placed in the technical support and professional service that we offer in our projects. This is achieved with solutions that allow RIU to offer advanced television services and connectivity for its users, guests and even its own staff in the management of services. Together, we have carried out projects in Mexico, Jamaica, Palma de Mallorca, Canary Islands, New York, and soon we will be in destinations such as London, Toronto, Cape Verde, and Zanzibar.

In 2020, RIU opened its first hotel with Televes’ IPTV + ArantiaCast comprehensive solution. The Hotel RIU Dubai, located on the shores of the Deira Islands beach, has an optical fiber network connected to almost 800 rooms, including also centralized management of its corporate channel with the Digital Signage solution.

The Televes Hospitality solutions offer the necessary flexibility through RF overlay, IPTV, ArantiaCast or IPTV+ArantiaCast, which allow hotel chains to adapt their product offer according to the destination, whether it is for holiday, residential use, business, etc., with service customization. That is the value of our offer and differentiating feature, which enables us to continue positioning ourselves as a preferred and trusted technology provider.

Product news


Products for data infrastructure and telecommunications in homes, businesses, and the Hospitality industry
Products for data infrastructure and telecommunications in homes, businesses, and the Hospitality industry

Under the “DATACOM” concept, complete product ranges for the implementation of structured cabling and networking solutions are grouped together.

In an efficient, high-density, high-speed network infrastructure, optical fiber is seen as a key element that must be integrated into each user socket. The keystones are the key element in optical fiber sockets, given that their function is to mechanically support the optical connector adapter. In the socket section, you can find different keystones (refs. 2332xx), and even kits that include a hose for ease of installation. Another important aspect of infrastructure is people's safety and the wiring fire resistance. For fiber, it is recommended that you have a minimum CPR of Dca, a category level that meets the requirements for hoses from 2 to 48 fibers in our range.

When it comes to ethernet cabling, categories 6 and 6A (1 to 10 Gbps) are the most extensive in data networks, although there are higher categories. It is recommended that the same category be maintained across the entire infrastructure to get the most out of it, since having a different section can limit speed if it is lower, or be wasted if it is higher. Our range of Cat 6 and 6A hoses offer a choice of length, lining, color, and packaging options, so you can install the right cable in every situation (refs. 2090xx and 20910x).

In every establishment, the focal point of network connections must be organized and perfectly labeled to facilitate maintenance or future expansion. The rack cabinets play a critical role, since, in addition to ensuring efficient space management, they support different accessories so that all devices and connections are in place. In our product range we include sizes 6 to 42U (refs. 5331xx), offering the product unassembled to optimize the shipment of the larger ones.

The world of Networking encompasses devices for network control and securing, and DataCom includes: Switches, routers, Wi-Fi access points, etc. In the case of switches, we have manageable options (ref. 76914x) and non-manageable options (ref. 7681xx). These latter are preferred because they are plug & play and do not need to be configured first.

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Video overlay distribution

Use the optical receiver (Ref. 237320) in GPON for video overlay distribution

The Televes Ref.237320 optical receiver can also be used to multiplex signals from two satellites that can be transmitted over a singlemode fiber and can also be combined with GPON to provide an RF overlay solution in combination with ONTs that do not have this feature.

In addition, thanks to the four RF outputs and its high-level self-regulated output, the 237320 does not need to be installed in the room. In this way it can be combined with the ONTs (Ref. 769501 or 769507) to provide an Internet connection via Wi-Fi to a group of nearby rooms.


Is it possible to mix singlemode fiber with multimode fiber?

A singlemode fiber (SM) spreads light in a single way with a single path in the core parallel to the fiber axis, while a multimode fiber (MM) spreads light in several ways through the core, reflecting on the lining walls. It is important to note that there are several types of multimode fibers depending on the reflection and refraction indices of their components.

For singlemode fibers, the core has a smaller diameter and greater distances are achieved, at equal speed, than with multimode fibers. Due to this difference in the core diameter between singlemode fibers and multimode fibers, on it is never recommended to mix both types, since high losses will occur.

Using singlemode fibers (small diameter core) after multimode fibers (larger diameter core) is strongly advised against. Even combining multimode fibers of different diameters (62.5 and 50 µm) is strongly discouraged, concluding with the recommendation to always use fibers with an equal diameter core.

Televes facilities

Sierra Nevada, a prime location with intelligent lighting

Sierra Nevada is the second highest mountain massif in Western Europe and was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, as well as a national park due to its botanical, landscape, and natural values.

That is why the solution applied to the municipality of Monachil had to be take into account protecting the night sky and the fight against light pollution. All Televes lights are certified by the IAC (Instituto Astrofísico de Canarias) (Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute) that endorses this condition.

The solution in the municipality of Monachil includes a mixture of different types of lights and finishes, which are adapted to each treated area, such as the AtmosLED range, Villa type street lights for areas with more classical esthetics, as well as adaptations of existing lights by Retrofit modules.

It was important to provide a temperature that the IAC calls "super-warm white LED", noting that blue light (light pollution) emission can be reduced with this color temperature.

In addition, the project stands out for the incorporation of the AURANT management platform, which combines point-to-point remote management of lights and their electrical panels.

Our people

Silvia González. Data & Content Manager of Televes

What is your job at Televes?

The “Data and Content” team is primarily responsible for what we call the product’s digital asset; a concept that encompasses all the content and data involved with the product and preparing it for sale: Business descriptions, marketing information, audiovisuals, technical and physical data, etc. All this information must be brought together and transmitted consistently to customers everywhere in the world. Our main mission is to provide the market with an attractive digital product that is as rich as possible in features.

How long have you been with the company? Could you describe your career at Televes?

I joined the company in 2011 with a grant on the international technical-sales team, due to my training in Telecommunications Engineering. A year later, the sales part already fascinated me as much as the technical part, and I began to participate in product launches and creating new product ranges. In 2016, I began heading the “Pre-Sales and Documentation” team, with the main goal of generating specific information for product promotion that would enhance business development. The global trend toward digitization and the rise of content marketing prompted the need to build and disseminate an interesting and complete digital product, so that in January 2020, I took on the commitment to become Data & Content Manager.

Our main mission is to provide the market with an attractive digital product that is as rich as possible in features.

Could you tell use what the most satisfying part of your job is and what the most difficult part is?

It gives me a hybrid experience between engineering and marketing without having to choose either. Understanding our products requires technical knowledge, but promoting them involves a good deal of creativity. So I get the best of both areas! As for the hardest part, I can say that it is the training requirement involving preparing content for various lines of business with expansive product ranges with a very diverse technological nature. Going from a transmodulator to a light is not always easy.

What do you feel the key values are in the company?

Commitment to customers and investment in information. We believe that it is crucial to maintain transparent communication with a realistic, coherent message. That is why we strive to provide the customer with valuable and, above all, useful information. In addition, being up to date is important for good decision making. So we always prioritize reports on the latest news. A trained and knowledgeable customer who chooses your brand does so with knowledge and security, which is something of extraordinary value.


Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

How can I perform an on-site test to verify that the installation I made is working properly?

In addition to the self-programming and monitoring function, one of the added functions of the Avant X Pro unit is the ability to export PDF reports on installation quality measures and the configuration saved in the unit..

If you want to provide a report to the customer upon completion of the installation verifying that everything is working properly, this can be done as follows:

After the installation is completed, we connect to the Avant X Pro unit via the Asuite application (Android/Windows/Mac) and access the monitoring screen.

Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

Go to the “Report” prompt and click on the PDF icon, then enter the installation data.

Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

After accepting the report generation, the application will start recording the current parameters of the installation.

Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

After all parameters have been registered, the option will appear to save the PDF report to our device.

Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

Once the report is saved in PDF format, we will be able to share it with the customer via email, NFC, instant messaging applications or, if we have a printer, print it directly on paper.

Generate PDF reports with the Avant X Pro

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Do you know all the features that our apps offer you?

Today, a distinctive feature that users consider when choosing a product is its ease of use. That is why the value provided by the software or applications and management interfaces on a computer is becoming increasingly important. Perhaps until recently this was seen as an intangible value, now, the market is beginning to assess it as a differentiating factor due to the features and quality that facilitate day-to-day work.

That is why, on our website you will now find an information corner called “Applications,” dedicated to these new key players:

In addition, we invite you to follow the progress in this section, which we will be updating with the latest news and the most popular applications


Find out how our Hospitality solutions help you implement your anti-COVID19 protocol

Find out how our Hospitality solutions help you implement your anti-COVID19 protocol