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New smaller PicoKom home amplifiers, larger in versatility and efficiency

Televes has launched the new home amplifiers in the PicoKom series, making the most of the new generation of micro-components to significantly reduce size and electricity consumption.
The new Picokom amplifiers have two output connections, they are the ideal solution for distributing television signals at home, serving a large number of outlet points.
Its small size makes it discreet and perfect for installing in spaces of 100 x 100 millimetres and less.
PicoKom amplifiers are Plug & Play devices, i.e. they do not need any kind of manual configuration. They adjust automatically to the output level, in such a way that the signal obtained is at all times ideal for guaranteeing maximum quality in sound and image.
Manufacturing is completely by robot and employs the high quality standards that characterise Televes products, designed and produced in the company’s own facilities under the European Technology made in Europe stamp.

NP100 Project
The launching of the new PicoKom forms part of the NP100 plan, the project promoted by Televes Corporation to launch a hundred new products in 18 months. This initiative started up in January 2011 and aims to reinforce the company’s leadership by winning market share, boosting internationalisation and motivating the whole human team.