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Televes accelerates the fulfilment of its NP100 plan and launches 86 new products in 2011

Exactly one year ago Televes announced an ambitious venture to fully renovate its catalogue and strengthen its leadership through innovation: plan NP100. The aim was to launch one hundred new products in 18 months. It was not an easy challenge and one which demanded the involvement of the whole organisation, from the sales management and the R+I departments to the Logistics and Industrial Organisation services. A challenge, also, that was developed within a very complex context; the global economic recession.
When two thirds of the expected period has expired, the plan can be called a success. In twelve months the figure of 86 launches has been achieved, which makes it possible to forecast that the objective will be accomplished before the expected date.
The new products launched under NP100 cover, in addition, all the areas that Televes specialises in, from signal Reception to the Integration of telecommunication services, through to Head-end Management, Distribution, Reception and Measurement.
Televes believes that the success of NP100 represents a true milestone and reveals not only the company's capacity and leadership, but also its compromise to add value to its clients and boost the revitalisation of the telecommunications infrastructures sector's activity.

Innovation in all areas
The new line of towers, presented successfully at the Wind Power trade fair, and the incorporation of intelligent Boss Tech technology in the Diginova and Omninova aerials are the most outstanding developments within the Signal Reception chapter, where a total of 18 new products have been launched. In this way Televes proves that it is the European company that is most dedicated to generating value to this category of products, through technological development and the production of quality.
In Headend Management, the number of launches totals 28, with special focus on the T.0X head-ends and their DVBS2 to COFDM modulators. The T.0X head-ends were one of the products that raised the most interest at the ANGA Cable 2011 trade fair, because of the innovative features that they include to make work easier for installers and because they offer the highest level of efficiency in terms of energy consumption per service distributed.
The chapter that includes the highest number of new products is that of Distribution, with a total of 37. The Pikocom 2 S+DC domestic amplifier is the most outstanding product. It is a Plug&Play device that does not require adjustments because its gain is self-regulated until the ideal output level is achieved. Its design is based on the use of state of the art micro-components that make it possible to reduce the size of the device as well as its energy consumption. Due to its small size it is ideal for installing in 100 x 100 millimetre and smaller boxes.
In the area of Measurement equipment, and specifically in fibre optics, a new light source has been launched; while in Reception the new product presented under the NP100 is the Zas Sat, which allows for the tuning of satellite channels both under standard as under high definition. It is, therefore, an ideal option for HD television sets which lack the MPEG4 receiver and shares with its brothers the already well-known virtues of the Zas family: easy to use, low energy consumption, flawless, and guaranteed by the European Technology Manufactured in Europe seal.
Finally, NP100 has also been the framework for the launching of the new Coax Data. As it is already known, this hybrid adapter makes it possible to connect personal computers with Internet access at high speed, TV channels and audiovisual and entertainment equipment using the electric and coaxial networks, without the need for additional cables. It now offers a band width of 200 Mbps and supports high definition.

Returns for the organisation
During the upcoming moths, the plan will continue until it reaches the one hundred launches that are its objective. Gaining market share, boosting internationalisation, adding value to the distribution channel and motivating all the company team members are some of the returns from the success of NP100.
As has been pointed out by the Sales management, setting up a project of this size can only be achieved by a market leader that has the necessary financial support and the most powerful R+I structure of the sector. But the fact that it is being achieved exceeds the expectations for NP100 and shows that, in addition to the above, Televes is capable of promoting other values that place it one step ahead of its competitors: infrastructures and cutting edge manufacturing methods, advanced logistics and the sector's best and most complete sales network.


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