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Televes launches DTKom, its new range of high-power headend units

Televes has launched its new DTKom high-power output headend units, suitable for all types of terrestrial television installations (MATV).
The DTKom range is formed by three references, all of which incorporate Power-Doubling technology, which allows output voltages of 129 dB”V (DIN45004B) to be reached on any band. In addition, they are equipped with a gain switch with which they adapt the output level to the characteristics of the distribution network.
The new DTKom are designed with specific components that minimise the total noise figure. They have a high performance and low consumption LED indicator for input signal and switched-mode power supply. They also incorporate test output that prevents the disconnection of the service to the users.

NP100 Project

The launching of the new DTKom range forms part of the NP100 plan, the project promoted by Televes Corporation to launch a hundred new products in 18 months. This initiative started up in January 2011 and aims to reinforce the company’s leadership by winning market share, boosting internationalisation and motivating the whole human team.